Monday, April 18, 2011

April Birthdays!

April is THE month that we have the most closest friends celebrating their day of birth. Call it a cupcake a day, a month of hoopla, endless smiles!

*It started with an "April" birthday ride. 4 of us ventured out together while our 5th gang member was awaiting the birth of his child. Welcome little boy Viggo.

*Then we celebrated Bridget Jones's (amazing friend, co-worker, and best buddy), 30th birthday discussing how once you hit the 30's you have a BIG celebration every decade. Fortunately Bridget and I eat enough cake that we celebrate year-round! The "gift" of the night was the shaker and it provided some major entertainment (and just may be regifted at Christmas):

*Opening night at Safeco Field!

(Mom and I)

*Then a Lululemon photo shoot! The rain/wind left our knuckles red and the makeup in shambles. But the ladies and laughs made the moment one that was so great you can only hope to be able to relive something similar again someday. Thank you Amanda, Grace, Bridget, and Andria.

(So sore from running/hopping for the perfect picture)

*My personal birthday DAY was finished off with dinner at my favorite La Rustica and enough clothing gifts from Mark to compile a new outfit each day until the end of the month (well, nearly).

*Off to Long Beach we were then to have a mini-training camp (Thank you John) and connect with the greatest group of girls (and a few guys) for endless riding, running, and swimming. Was so excited I nearly forgot that my lugguage took a little detour and didn't quite make it to CA in time. But TYR set us up immediately with wetsuits to get in a couple open water swims. Absolutely the best they are. Using yachts as our buoys was VERY new to us! Our last ride was the BEST with very little planning we grouped together and ended up making what felt like a 2 hour ride, that was supposed to be a 3 hour ride, become a 5 hour ride. Time with your girlfriends can do that too you.

Thank you Heather, Megan, and Tracy, Kevin, John and Mark for the training escapade.

(H* and Mega-Meg...can't wait for the wedding!)

*Finally, the birthday week was filled with the biggest surprise of having my super best bud from college (met doing fitness competitions and have been inseparable since), by acquaintance, land herself in the OC the same time we were there! She (Kelley Renae) just finished her second MMA fight (yes, she is a super bad-*ss) and was on a little break. So sun, shopping and food were high on our to-do list.

(There is a reason I did not post a picture of us together!!!)

*The week has left me so blessed, so thankful, and so tired! Happy to be home with the lil' cats and some relaxation before Wildflower adventures come in the next two weeks. And a few more birthdays!