Monday, March 30, 2009

Cute?? Liveable??

Training went great this weekend, 100% all workouts complete (15 hours)! I often laugh because we truly run around like crazy at times, I sometimes forget where I left my other bike, Mark forgets what bike he has his pedals on, we have matching helmets and always swear one person took the others, not to mention the same with cycling glasses too. We do loads and loads and LOADS of laundry each day questioning each other to make sure we will have all our "gear" clean before the next workout. It would be a huge problem if our socks did not say mens and womens on them and it super fantastic that we do not share bathing suits!

Mark laughed at me over the weekend when I came home from a workout. I said "what's so funny?" He says, "I am not sure that outfit is too cute." Me: "What's wrong with it? Take a picture and I will see what others say about this fashion sense".

So he took the photo for "What not to Wear" and what we got is below. My immediate thought was, well of course I look funny, you didn't tell me my hair was tweaking out to the left side and that my cheeks are super puffy from the cold and the darn medication I am on. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with this photo...white legs are easily fixed via spray tan so this outfit is a stellar for any reasonable athlete. Compressions socks for the obvious reasons, Uggs for the coziness and warmth post workout and the North face jacket for warmth and rain gear.

Then I really looked AROUND the photo...two bikes in sight (two others close by), the pink vacuum ready for use at ANY time and the bike trainer set up ready to roll. Not to mention the feet up on the couch-shoes on and the cat preying on us for as if we are her next casualty. This is how we live AMERICA, two ironman athletes in 570 sq feet-anything is possible. DREAM home for us!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The jeans went through the dryer....

TODAY marks the first parking ticket of the year. Last year was about 6, averaging one every two months isn't bad, except that three of the six came within 8 days of each other, two in one day as we were leaving for Wildflower. $35 dollars...hmm..a pair of lulu shorts, part of a race entry, oh, what I could do with $35 dollars but all I want to do is continue supporting our amazing city of Seattle, since the $5 ++++ dollars I pay a day in parking just isn't enough.

I was introduced to the new Mac "long lasting" liquid mascara. The lady at the Mac was trying to tell me that I needed "xyz" to take it off since it is so LONG LASTING. I blew it off thinking, if I can get bike grease off any part of my body, I am sure I can get mascara off my eyelid. I was like a sixth grader trying to put on makeup without mom knowing and not having a clue as to what I was doing (like she wasn't going to notice, right?).
I was given 1 hour to shower and get ready for Mexican. I gave up the bike trainer to take this shower and let Mark get his ride in, since he is on 9 days straight of working. I figured this was fantastic I could finally shower, blow dry my hair, be bit of a girl and put on some make up. Needless to say there can not be a single error in the application of this Mac cosmetic. I spent 15 minutes trying to "fix" my mistake, getting it on my hands, then on my cheek, then the let me just wash my entire face and start all over again. If you do it right, it works great, just don't let your cat rub up against your elbow when applying.

Here is Mark enjoying his ride (as I am battling my makeup in the bathroom). He got off at one point to close the windows claiming...."Its Kona time"...oh the joys of riding indoors.

And yes, the jeans did go through the dryer (typically they always do...but one of THOSE days!).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mercer Island 10K Sunday

Today was the annual Mercer Island 5k/10K or half marathon. What is great is that it brings out so many different athletes with the variety of distances. I had not raced a 10K in ages, let alone a running event, as last year I had a torn obturator (small muscle next to the hamstring, that I was unable to train for running at all).

My goals was a PR and to test my gut for upcoming races, as the new medication has been a bit of a challenge. I run the 5K's at 6:55 pace and the half at 7:15 so I figured I would fall right in the middle and I did. The hilly course landed me at 7:09's. A PR! And a little boost of confidence in my running abilities. Yet, a lot of work to still be done :) Below I just got done robbing a bank and yes, I do have WHITE compression socks on, not a tatoo that says zoot on my calf. My pasty legs are ready for St. Croix!

Upon returning home I still had a bike ride to squeeze in, AFTER some needed recovery (Base recovery and compression and a nice bath). The new recovery tights from Zoot arrived last week and they are amazing!!! Thank you ZOOT- love them!

Yep I have duck feet, they point inward, true a sign of a swimmer (well, a freestyler and butterflyer).

Then we were off to our normal Mexican, second time this week. And we ran into the nephews and family. Here is Wagner who now officially repeats everything you say.

Us: "Wagner, did you go in the pool?"
Wags: "In the pool".
Us: "Did you have a quesidilla?"
Wags: "Have a quesidilla."
Us: "Get up on it"*
Wags: "Get up on it"*

*that was the new phrase for the night.

This was the entertainment out side of the Mexican restauranat...possibly one to many margaritas, however, I think he knew he could get a lot of attention by just taking over hte sidewalk. He played his cards right and had a crowd waiting to pet him.

Monday is nearly here...getting ready for another training filled week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And I didn't move even close to a mile!

Trapped! Indoors! 4.5 hours! Rainstorms and wind kept this girl inside. All I could think about was being spoiled the last two weeks with a pinch of sunshine on Fridays to ride and run outdoors. Today it was not going to happen so I convinced myself that there are lots of great reasons to ride in doors.

Besides movie selections and smut t.v. I get the luxury of not having to carry my nutrition (is anyone excited yet). I pre-plan for bonking ALWAYS with a snickers and a red bull. Note: Waterbottles on bike!

Align CenterAnd the bathroom breaks are within the minute they are needed, no searching for restrooms on this route.

Okay, who am I joking, today took every little ounce of strength, motivation, and mental toughness to stay on that bike. I did some major soul searching and reminding myself of my goals, thinking of all the reasons I train, all the reasons I race, what I want to accomplish, what others would think. Each minute counted and each minute was a challenge. The reward for the day was getting this workout done and crossing it off my list. The last two weeks the workouts were fantastic and I recognize we need these mentally challenging ones too, better to have them now than later!

After 3 hours and 45 minutes with some intervals in between I think I was going crazy, as it was approaching 8pm at night I knew it wasn't the safest bet to run outside for the transition run...So I ran two blocks to the nearest health club to run all in one place, I decided to bring the ipod for this one, truly it was about getting this done. Two songs kept me going, especially on the tempo efforts. Thank you Akon (Right Now) and The All America Rejects...not sure why, but today they kept me going-most likely kept the fellow gym rats going too, with laughter.

4 and a half hours down and I barely moved an inch, 2 spots, my living room and the gym treadmill....Now if I could find a way to make free electric power or do something worthwhile while sitting in one place for so long! No bed sores for me, just half the weekends workouts complete.

My treat...mexican food!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Randoms Featured Below.

I have been putting off posting because I like to add photos to posts, but I keep losing my camera, then finding it, then forgetting, then all of a sudden it is lost again. Mark seems to think it is the medical diagnosis is "too-many-handbag-itis" that is causing these symptoms, however, research shows we can never have enough.

No excuses, photos or not, I am here to post a quote/thought/humor for each day of the week:

Friday: Third outdoor ride of the year, had to skip out on some work because there was snow and rainstorms scheduled for the weekend and with races coming up I HAD to get out. Mark gets the quote as he starts getting a bit tired (no need to say the "B" word") in the last 14 miles, definitely a time where your relationship can be "tested". So instead of hanging back I decided I would ride like the wind and would circle back...upon circling back he has his glasses off....the quote of the day as he is in misery
Mark: "I am seeing stars and they are not good ones?"
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Mark: "My eyes, I am seeing stars, I had to take my glasses off for a vision change."
Me: "Alright???!!!".

Needless to say he busted out sub 6:30's for his 4 mile transition run....I don't think it was a bonk he was previously experiencing, I think it was more bike boredom with his girlfriend.

Saturday: Long run on the water front. A few athletes called beforehand to confirm that we were still running due to the bad weather. The answer as always "Of course, ran or shine or snow...we run (okay 98% of the time)". Run starts with wind at our backs.
Me: "See guys it is NEVER as bad as you think it is going to be."
The run home was the windiest, wettest, cross winds, cold ears, could imagine.
Me to myself: "just keep running- the faster you run the faster this gets over with."

Comments from the athletes: "By far the worst weather run of my life", "I couldn't feel my ears", "They was the second worst conditions I have ever run in".

All in all, we are all stronger because of it and we survived! No more waterfront runs until the snow is out of the forecast!

Sunday: Mark and myself both commented "Thank goodness we ran in that weather yesterday because it is HORRIBLE out today. Scenes from the start of the snowy/rainy St. Patty's day dash in downtown Seattle. Looks like Christmas.

-Meryl Schenker/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Monday: Scrambling throughout the day I said twice: "I need to hurry to get my hour swim in?" do you hurry to do an hour hour is an hour Teresa. PS. I got it in!

Tuesday: Mark got the quote of the day after his hill repeats: Looking at his bike in the p.m.
He says to me: "You see that bike over there?"
Me: "Yeah"
Mark: "It goes up hills in a hurry." (implying his speediness on his hill repeats that day)

* do you respond to that??? ugh...can I borrow your bike? Mine has yet to have those capabilities!

Wednesday: I was driving into the WORK parking garage and starting tapping on the garage door opener thinking what is going on..its not working, only to remember, I was at work and not at home.

Paying for parking for the third time in one day I realized I was collecting stickers like mad on my car...then I saw a car that had an entire window full of parking stickers (wish I had the camera), nearly 40-50, and then I wondered how can a cop give you a parking ticket, it would take them over an hour so find the one for the right date and/or time...FABULOUS idea! (oh, they raised parking fees in Seattle too, $1 extra an hour, so now instead of multiple days of shopping, it is one big shopping spree a week :O)

Thursday: US Magazine DAY (it comes out early at the 7-11 up the street..shh!!) Leanne Rimes is photoed wearing my favorite lululemon running shorts and matching top (we do not need to discuss what the article was about-only the fashion)! I think they took a photo of me running and put her head on it.

Friday is right around the corner and I am excited for a weekend of training and events with the girls including a Pera handbag trunk show for a review in Daily Candy, Mercer Island 10K race and LunaFest (short films by women and for women).

Live on!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The NEW face of Adidas.


I appreciate you stopping by and am asking if you can help my friend out with some votes (yes, it is a popularity contest, unfortunately, but she is one of the kindest, nicest, girls you will ever meet!) Please stop by the Adidas website and vote, you can vote everyday until the 22nd. Top 25 advance and she is hanging right in there! She is the Elizabeth with the long curly hair with just the face shot in her profile.

Here is a quick note on how to vote:
The website is tricky, but this link should help. Once at Adidas,
you must sign in (the first time) to register your vote. Your info will not
be kept/used. and then
search "elizabeth" at the top left of the screen. If you vote for the wrong
Elizabeth you are SO IN TROUBLE! :)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a life!

Life in the Nelson household today...sun is out...workouts are peaceful!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Humor me!

I have officially worn all 4 splish suits! Yep, four swims down 4,000 yds a piece.

Saturday was a long run on trails in the pouring rain, I passed a girl and her boyfriend, her comment to him was "do I look that bad?" Now I know she was referring to how muddy and gross my shoes, legs, backside was, but come me out here! His response to her was "YES". (Thank you!) Mark cleaned up my shoes and brought me home a new pair for the "good weather" days.

I had my second outdoor bike ride of 2009. From the windows it looked like 80 degrees and in all seriousness it was barely 40. However, we bundled up for all 30 miles. I got chaffing from the booties on the back side of my calf and after showering notice it was band aids to be found so I maneuvered my way around holding a tissue behind my left leg with my right leg and decided to blow dry my hair. It was a balancing act for the circus...but I think they would have hired me!

It is still snowing here....Sunday woke up to ride all 3.5 hours indoor. The sun starting breaking through just in time for the transition run. I threw on the compression socks, the lulu shorts, long sleeve and my "good weather" shoes and was off. On my run down Alki you cross one takes 2 min and 45 seconds to get there....this is the point of no return. I had passed the point of no return when it started hailing. Not just a little hail, the cover the streets looks like snow hail. I figured I could take it for 40 minutes, I remembered hiding a pair of gloves on the route from the previous week when it was sunny and I got too hot, I searched for them since now I was freezing, no luck. Quickly the pelting white rocks started to hurt...I started visualizing coming home with bruises on my face along with the cut back of my leg (see above), and dirty "good weather" shoes and figured this was not going to pan out. My 40 min run officially became 18 minutes, of which the hail decided to stop at minute 17.5. Ughh!!!

My mom's hair stylist decided to join the tri team. I talked with her yesterday for the first time and we have decided to meet next Friday at a coffee shop. I wake up this morning to find my cat pooed on the floor (not sure what this is about). I decided to wake Mark up by texting him a photo of it ( I know, like that is going to make him get out of bed, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead). Before I knew it I sent it to my mom's hairstylist. It was one of those "oh no!, stop!" moments of which I could do nothing about. As I am typing the "Oh my, I am so sorry, I can't believe what I have just done" message- a text comes in from her..."I don't think you meant to send this to me". Dang! She opened it! Ya think! I have never met you and I am sending you a picture of poo! Then she comes back with...don't worry, I will have you topped in a year! I couldn't stop laughing at myself all morning. I am excited to meet her, she has a great sense of humor, I can tell already! Sorry no photo on this one!

For all you basketball fans, UW won. All I can tell you i s that the game started at 2:30 because Mark reminded me enough times so that we would plan our workouts accordingly. Apparently the first quarter was so exciting that I am glad we got home in time for the start, this is what he looked like along with his blackberry in his lap:

I attempted to make some microwave popcorn for the event....the fire alarm went off! :(

Here's hoping for a week of non-chaffing workouts, non muddy trails (unless it equals another new pair of shoes), no hail killing weather, cats using their litter box and to equal amounts of humor!

Monday, March 02, 2009


Getting a package with the words Splish is enough to make me grin for eternity and then to find the enclosed below:

This is enough to make me smile my way to the pool! Thank you Splish for the amazing if I could just get myself to the pool 4 days a week I could wear one per workout (was that a hint??).

And super excitedly the tnmultisport suit arrived in the package...this is like a super double whammy!!! I am nervous to wear it...I don't want something to happen to it! Thank you Betty Designs again for the amazing artwork and layout and Splish for the GREAT looking suit!

If you are ready to order you tnmultisport suit contact me and we will get it done (okay, Splish will get it done:))