Monday, January 13, 2014

A BIG twist on this journey!

Many of you have heard the news that we have a little baby girl on the way....due March 1!  Something has prompted me to give a little attention to this blog since I haven't quite logged what has been going on.

June: I was in the midst of training for ironman Whistler. Training was solid at times and a bit spotty at times.  I was struggling finding the time to train, coming off a 6 month colitis flare with no training during that time and my main  focus was and is always on our athletes, the business, and followed up with being the Official Coaches of Ironman Whistler.  If I felt good I would dive in! 

Ironman CDA hit and I was a tad more emotional that normal.  While on a longer training ride I nearly got hit by a deer flying across the road and then ricocheting off a truck back into my lane. It was scary...I was balling.  I went home and rested, I was SO tired!!!  Then ironman day rolled around and Mark had a fantastic race. I was crying as he went down the finish chute, he is the emotional one at this stuff, not me.

Looking back on trainingpeaks updates I had one of my best runs in a long time before leaving CDA.

On the drive home we were talking about how tired and emotional I was, Mark looked at me and said "your pregnant".  I laughed.

Then proceeded to take a pregnancy test the second I walked in our front door.  Yep, he was right!

The next few weeks, consisted of a Lululemon half marathon, Whistler camp and eventually IM Whistler. They also consisted of persistent "all-day sickness" and fatigue.  This is hard to manage when you are trying to keep things quiet.
12 weeks!

Most women go into remission with their colitis during pregnancy, I, however, was hit hard with a 3 week flare.  Happy that it was not as long as they have been in the previous years.  Keeping it managed means very little exercise, lots of rest and lots of hydration. 40 mg of predinisone, and increase in Humira to 1 pen per week and 75mg of Imuran (I know this is controversial, but clearly I need it). 
20 weeks

Eventually we shared the news, proceeded to buy a house (we have lived in a 600 square foot condo forever!) and have been getting things in order for the arrival of the baby. Basically, life has been moving at the same speedy rate as the size of my growing chest.

We are incredibly lucky that she is growing well, at the 47%, and seems to be very healthy!

It has been wonderful being able to have friends and family over for dinner to share our new home.
30 weeks!
Mark just painted the nursery walls pink....we are in for a big adventure!