Tuesday, November 25, 2008

vacuum delight

The vacuumed died! Four years after it was sent into my home. I decided I could go to Target and get one real quick, maybe $100 or something. Since I know NOTHING about appliances, I asked Mark if he wanted to go with me. He said "no". So as a typical girl I had to have the best, spent WAY to much (I searched everywhere to see if it worked "hands free") and figured I might as well get a color I like.

At only 10 lbs this Dyson can make vacuuming fun (so I hear). I can't wait to see Mark relish in the excitement of this manly appliance. Then I can just remind him that $30 went to the Breast Cancer fund...then he will appreciate the color!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Gosh, I am sure behind on posting, not a lot has been happening, but then again alot has been happening.

Most exciting news is that Splish has accepted sponsorship with me for next year!!! Super excited to be flashing some cute, exciting, comfy and original apparel. Thank you Dawn and Ira.

Also, exciting is that my mom PR'd in her 5K and won her division at her last race (turkey trot, pumpkin push, somethin' or other) She went a 27! Way to go mom!

Least exciting news is that this issue of ulcerative colitis is really taking a toll. More meds, more changes, but I trust in my doctors and will continue with minimal exercise.

However, I have the okay to swim, as much as I want, so three times in the water already this week has been adventurous. I went from doing a 1:11 hard effort to know back down to 1:08's. No where near where I was for Kona, but really, how much can I ask for with almost a month out of the water.

I think my hip is all healed too, but I wont be testing that anytime soon, so as soon as this colitis is under control I will be READY to train. I am right now, but must obey orders:) I really love seeing those doctors, but would really prefer not too.

Lots of other exciting news on the horizon, but it will stay in the top secret folder for now, just like the KFC recipe!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bike Gear and Compression

My friends Rebecca and Jason both just purchased new P2c's, which they very much deserved. They both rode on borrowed bikes this entire tri season and pieced together everything. But what was most impressive is that it was their first year of triathlon and they did 2 half ironmans. I started going through my bike drawer to find Rebecca some pedals I have as "extra" so she would not have to buy a new pair (she is riding the mountain bike ones now). I did find them, however, along with that I found EIGHT random skewers.

Now in my entire triathlon life I have only owned four bikes and only one at a time so I can't quite figure this out. These don't include the skewers I have on the race wheels and the training wheels. I do see an HSP one in there (it has red tape), I will get that back to you Todd:)
My only answer is endless rides on the bike trainer, which is a necessity in this Seattle weather.

The tri group did a 13 mile run yesterday in the pouring rain, so wet, I decided to drive my car next to them. Also because the week before I rode my bike and nearly slipped on all the leaves that are falling, not to mention I got another flat and you would think two triathletes (Tracey is was riding with me too) that we would be prepared with our "fix our flat" kits. But oh no. I had to call a friend that was running to bring me a 650 tube that I forgot, then I had a cartridge, however, the extender that breaks the cartridges is still lying at mile 95 in Kona (actually the official picked it up for me) and then tire levers, oops, forgot those too. So I pulled a Stadler and used a stick to change the tire. Then found a cyclist who could fill me up with air. So driving was going to be the answer this week, however, I was just as wet as everyone from unrolling the window so often, good thing I drove with a rain jacket. It was a downpour equivalent to that at the awards ceremony in Kona. Maybe next week I will get it right:)

Now the real news is I was constantly made fun of during training for my compression socks from the man below that won't show his face in this post-run photo.

Road Runner Sports just started carrying the Zensah compression socks, he decides to throw a pair on, wears them all day at work, then comes home and claims he just HAS to feel what it is like to run in them. Double checking that it is pitch black outside and swearing no one will recognize him, he left. Compression socks and all.

To top it all off, we went to his parents last night to watch the pre recorded Ironman Arizona and CDA races and he decided to pull up his pant leg, only to see "thee black socks".

I have converted him and now he gets to take back all his giggles at me.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Tri Season 2008 "bye, bye"!

Tri Season 2009 has officially come to an end, and although the "off season" has begun, I am no longer "off". How do I know this, a few things:

For starters, we had the HSP tri season party on Saturday night and good thing we had the time change. I needed the extra hour of sleep. We were all up past midnight...very unnormal behavior, its amazing how all of a sudden you look at the clock and it is 1:45am. I would love to share pictures but upon arrival of Mrs. Natalie Swistak's home, Mark had to let me know that I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after the last post. Wouldn't have mattered much though because we happened to leave the camera at her house any how, still not in our possession.
What a great time we had sharing our tri stories, which Shawn (Natalies husband loves), but that changed quickly as the Sangrias continued, the stripper shoes came out and cookies were being frosted. Did I mention the Mac and Cheese...holy moly! Rebecca and Jason need to start their own Mac and Cheese business....the best ever.

Secondly, my goals for 2009 are SET and well, it is time to get this booty moving. It is a bit scary looking ahead, but I love my game plan. I will be excited to execute it! So as my boyfriend says EVERYDAY- "today is "GO" time" (meaning it is time to get serious), today is really the day. I am not jumping full speed back into things...as the hip is not ready, but I am no longer, well, eating the mac and cheese and sangrias, if you know what I mean:)

Thirdly, I forgot about my second best hobby and well, it is getting out of hand....shopping! So the more hours on the bike, the less time to spend trying on clothes.

Cheers to tri season 2008, leaving with some fantastic memories! Looking forward to more excitement, laughs and fun in 2009!