Monday, April 13, 2009


This past weekend has been eventful. With the week starting out with a surprise birthday party put on by Mark and many teammates. Yes, it was a surprise, but Yes, I knew something was up. When Mark mentions a week early that we have reservations on a Thursday night with his parents...and I ask "where" and he says "they are not sure yet"...hmm???

However, what a great surprise, always love hanging with friends outside of the workout clothes. And they know me well...thanks everyone for a great upcoming shopping spree at my favorite shop.

Mark did a fantastic job of not picking up just one cake, but TWO (chocolate and carrot cake...yes, I will get all my training in this week!) from an amazing local bakery here in West Seattle.

Then Friday I got to get in my next longest ride, again outdoors, but what an event. It started in the first 10 miles with Mark's old hip injury flaring up. It just took AWHILE to get through warm up, he motored through it though and felt great once the legs were ready. Then a huge lesson was learned....Never do anything other than bike, while biking. Our training partner got her hand caught in her wheel while adjusting her cat eye...of course we were half way through the ride and there was no turning back. She gets the major "trooper" award for hanging on the whole ride. Not wearing her glove in those last 30 miles was her way of "icing". Luckily the thumb and hand is still attached and she is all better. Then the final 14 miles the flat tires came on. Oh, the joys of getting cold in the rain while having your fingers go numb while fixing a flat...oh and blowing another 3 cartridges (Kona all over again!). Someday I will get it right. It wasn't actually my tire...I just assisted and did not assist well...obviously.

Then it was a quick brick run, then home for an ice bath. Us Magazine+ice bath=mess.

(latest edition soaked!)

I had to take an epsom bath following the COLD one before the wet words starting meshing together in the mag. Oops!

Saturday night was birthday dinner/early Easter dinner with Mark, Mom and her boyfriend at Purple Cafe. I got some fancy new shoes too, didn't match my dress, but I would take these any day over a pair of heels.

(Mom and I)

(new racing shoes)

Mark found me some great summer dresses for St Croix...assuming that would take care of all my shopping needs before the trip :) They are super cute...thank you...and VERY good job.

April showers did not want to turn off for Easter Sunday. I was on the trainer...watching the Masters, okay 15 minutes of it.

Mark: "Can you get the ride done by 11?" (as he has his ear phones plugged into the computer screen for the pre-funk)
Me: " yes, why?"
Mark: "That is when the Masters start."
Me: "Aren't the 70.3 World Championships on today?"
Mark: " Yes, but my mom is recording those on dvr, you can watch those later." :)
Me: "I guess I ain't the boss here"

Sunday had a great Easter dinner with Mark's family. Hamburgers, cupcakes and kids fighting over candy.

Monday is finally here, today is my real birthday. Slept in, worked out, shopped with Natalie for a new bikini, but the fun ends there-thanks to the doctors. Without giving too much info, there is no food in me and I get two cocktails ($50 worth) one at 6pm the other at 5am and I get to go get knocked out at 8am in the morning...the joys of ulcerative colitis. Someday I pray there is a cure.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes, celebrations and good times (minus those guys in the white coats!)


Rebecca Kelley said...

Nice shoes! Hope you had a fun birthday! You and Mark need to come to "our" Mexican restaurant when you two have a spare moment. :D

beth said...

OMG - I love love the shoes! I am such a bag & shoe fanatic. Any type of shoes too - bike shoes, boots, tennies, fancies...

Charisa said...

Fun new shoes!! And I hope you feel better soon!

Tracy said...

I hope all went OK with the DR. Happy belated B-day!