Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday- Mania

What is the best way to stay fit during the holiday season?! Make all your holiday gatherings revolve around fitness
Holidazzle run with some super fit, crazy-fun-girlfriends. 4.5 miles around Queen Anne looking at lights, singing, caroling, and picture taking. Thank you Cathleen Knutson for organizing, baking, making CD, etc, are a super-girl!

(Bridget Jones-BFF!!)
And fantastic jewelry-maker pics from her jewel-polooza party, but her crafts are shiny and sparkly and any girls dream!

(This may or may not have included a bar stop.)

Prior to the run was some "real" workouts including but no-way limited too my favorite workout day with Curt. Band-tastic Wednesday, and since I have been talking about it alot lately, here is a short glimpse of the fun:

*Sorry for the lame post of videos, taking me forever to download onto computer, so this was easiest :)
Then some big swims were ahead!

75x100 with TNM-mates
All in prep for the 10K swim the following week:

(25+ swimmers, in an outdoor pool, in 40 degree air temps, swimming on Christmas Eve)
(The 10K group- 110x100)

About 40 of the 100's were on 1:25, 10 on 1:20. Additional 100's consisted of 10 warmup on 1:40, 5 kick on 2:00, 10 backstroke on 1:45 and a few on 1:30.

Thank you Laura O'Meara for organizing once again and Powerbar for the fuel!

In even better news. My mom has officially retired (at 55!) So proud of you Mom and excited for all your new adventures, probably consisting of traveling and organizing events with your friends/family!

(Mom and I at Cafe Campagne)
Mark is busy with his new toy....he is on his THIRD time "recovering" today and he only worked out once.

Asking for a screwdriver and some more monkey bread at the same time. Ha! And I am getting excited to figure out my new Go Pro Camera!! Yippee!
And most importantly we are just enjoying lots of time with friends and family while taking valuable time out to remembering our loved ones in heaven.

Love you Dad!
(he loves treats too)
Wishing every one of you a year of health, happiness, friends and family. Live your dreams, love much, and appreciate everything. Happiest of holidays!


Jill Costantino said...

Merry Christmas to you Beautiful lady! Savor up ALL of those moments. Looks like the holidays have been full of lots of fun. Congrats to your mom too WOW 55 and retired AWESOME!

Nat said...

Merry, merry Christmas and wishes for a joyous, healthy, and fun new year!!

Matt said...

Looks like your Holiday Season is going well!! Merry Xmas!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TN! All the best in 2012 !!

Kiet said...

Right back at ya TN, here's to another year of fun, friendship, and fitness. Glad our paths crossed in this lifetime!

Kim said...

Those are great things to do for the Holidays and Mark sure looks content!! I love it! You are too cute! Plan on calling you back in about 20 mins! Hope we can connect!

Cathleen Knutson said...

I love it! Thanks for the Holidazzle shout out. I hijacked your caroling photo (started a blog this fall...) It looks like you had a wonderful holiday season. I'm so glad we could spend some time together! XO, CK

GoBigGreen said...

Hey TN, thanks for your NICE NICE note on my blog, really that was super sweet! I do know it will be a bugger but hopefully not as bad as miles 20-26 in IM eh?
Glad you had such a good Xmas:) I think 2012 is going to be great!!! I believe it!