Friday, January 27, 2012

January Catch-Up.

Two posts in January. Progress?!  Maybe?!

I hate to use the excuse "busy"....ever. Because in reality we are all busy.  Sometimes busy even means sitting your bum on the couch and doing nothing.  It is something that has to be done and must be fit into "life".

In reality, bum-on-the-couch has not been in the cards. 

*93-year-old Grandma passed earlier this month. If you know the Webb family you can't help but notice the closeness they all share.  A huge part of this loving family was because of Grandma.  She was a caring, loving, gentle soul.  She embraced her family unlike anything I have ever seen.  Tomorrow we say our good-bys, although the traditions she instilled amongst her family will live on forever. She left footprints on every heart she touched.

(Kitty footprints in the snow)

*Did you hear it snowed in Seattle?!  Immediately followed up by a rain storm? Then a wind storm? It was fun and crazy all at the same time. We gym hopped to find one that was open, only to find an 86 degree pool. After a 1:30 tempo run on a treadmill a sweaty hot pool is less than desirable.  We busted it out. Once we had enough cabin fever we ran outside.  In puddles and brown-dirty-slushy snow. But with the right friends we can't complain.

(Run buddy Elizabeth)

*The weather left us bundled inside. I cleaned out my closet that looked like it could have been border-line hoarding. It is officially a walk-in closet again. And I feel lost without all my shoes. But thanks to Zoot, it will be Christmas in January soon!

*It has been 6, yep, SIX entire months of no hospital visits and in turn 6 months of solid training.  6 months ago I held an FTP of  150'ish. This number (although tough to swallow) kept me going, knowing how much further I could push.  Seeing gains made me excited to ride, excited to train, and anxious to get stronger. Not one week has surpassed 15 hours, my body has limits.  BUT I am excited to enter a race in 8 weeks with the most fitness I have had since August of 2010. 

*Speaking of race.  We are headed to Costa Rica.  I don't own a passport.  We are working on that.  My picture got denied.  No headbands. I don't live a day without a headband. New photo submitted. Convinced I will go un-recognized.

*Humira can cause arthritis. Humira is used to treat arthritis. Makes sense right?! I now have arthritis in my foot.  It hurts. But not enough to stop me from sport. So my right foot will be swimming, biking, running OR sitting in an ice bucket. This was determined after multiple (ie:8) doctor visits.  No wonder there is no time to blog. Stress fracture, gout, cyst were all ruled out. Actually a huge cyst was found, but it doesn't hurt, so "it" needs to be named because" it" will be with me forever.

*Some non-racing goals were set for the new year. One has been a huge success: Spend more time with girlfriends. Dinners, coffees, mani/pedis, have been super enjoyable catching up with new and old friends. Epic fail on the other: No shopping for three months.  The new Coach bag was reaching for me, I budged, but half of it was accounted for through gift cards, so maybe I only failed half way. I will make up for it by spending more time with friends. :)

*Up and Coming events: One hour postal swim on Sunday and Colorado next week!

Live it up!


Steve said...

Boy you really are a positive person, and strong. Life throws you things, and still the sun shines in your life. You are good people!! :)

Beth said...

Whew! I'm fairly certain I couldn't keep up with your life. :) Sounds like great things are happening (besides that arthritis - boo)!! And racing will be here soon!! Have fun doing the postal swim - it's one of my favorites! And enjoy CO!!!

GoBigGreen said...

you know with what we are facing with my hubby I have had to really work hard to set myself some non racing goals too. Its hard ( that seems like it should NOT BE HARD!) but my 2012 goals also involve more girl time, more mani-pedis and just some good old fun.
Thanks for helping me keep my chin up, i always am inspired reading your blog:)

Christie said...

I am a firm believer in all of the various natural remedies of Apple Cider Vinegar. ONE of them being arthritis! I started drinking it for other problems; but my grandmother uses it and swears by it for curing her arthritis. Here are a couple links, check them out:)

WhOOo for a race in 8 weeks! I hope this anti-hospital streak continues for you lady.

Christi said...

Wow, I am so excited that you have had such great health over the last six months. That is awesome news!!!

Have good times with the friends!

Kiet said...

After reading this post, all I could think was I need to stop my whining, done.

LaVonne said...

So much going on - Lots of ups and downs. I'm thrilled that you've been healthy for 6 months! Arthritis? That stinks, can it get better? Ice is your friend. Sorry about grandma.

Thinking about you - blog more often so we can keep in virtual touch!

Kim said...

so sorry to hear about grandma - i know all too well how sad it was to lose mine earlier this month.

hope your foot gets better - im sure the sun and fun in costa rica will be awesome!