Saturday, February 21, 2009

Handbags...PUH LEEZ!!!

All you girls can relate (and I hope admit too) that one can never have enough pair of shoes or handbags. "Why" I ask do men not get this. Mark can bring me home running shoes daily, but when I bring home a new pair of heels it is questioned...Did your really need those, how often will you really wear them...blah, blah.... The only thing I can say is he should feel lucky to have a two-for (a two for one), an athlete and a girly girl. An athlete has a lot of shoes and gym bags and a girly girl has a lot of heels and handbags...there fore, I have a lot of both or four !
Yes, it sounds material, but seriously I try to keep the habit under control. For example, I had a gift card almost a year old (got it last birthday) at a fun handbag boutique in downtown Seattle. I waited and waited and waited until the handbag I really wanted went on sale...that just happened to be purchase #1. I had not replaced my "designer" handbag in over 4 years.
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Another reason why I waited for so long is that one of my greatest girlfriends has started her own handbag company. Pera is the name of the company and Lindy Taylor is the designer. She was my first friend when I moved back to Seattle from college. I am so proud of her for going and doing what she loves. I got one of the demo bags when she first started and it has been the absolute best travel bag, gym bag, bike bag, it goes with me EVERYWHERE! I had been wanting to connect with her since forever to get one of her new clutches. So last night we met for dinner, before you know it I had the clutch and the newest smaller version of the "big" bag I have carried for a couple years now. I have been stopped everywhere with people asking me about "the bag". Ironman CDA someone stopped me because they believe that we were long lost twins because she had never seen anyone with a bigger pack on their back than mine. My co worker is in love with the color and reminds me of it daily. Lets just stay it stands out, probably because I can carry so much stuff in it that it is bigger than my backside.

(the deep purple SUPER bag, the torqoise teal bag, and the clutch, Brenna the kitty)
Some fine points about Pera's line is that 1. the bags are waterproof (my demo bag was soaked overnight and you would never know) 2. Lindy is an athlete too and understand that you need your water bottles to stand straight up. You will find water bottle pockets/holders at the ends of each bag 3. The inside lining comes out so you can wash it...genius when we throw sweating clothes, blocks and powders in there. 4. Amazing colors (just happens to have my team color in stock now!) 5. Pockets every where and she has designed them to be big enough for your blackberry and lipstick and wallets. GENIUS- again! 6. The leather is THICK and it hangs so well on your shoulder (my photography above does NO justice to these handbags) However, if you are at the races, I am sure you will see the bag in action. 7. It fits EVERYTHING!!! No joke.
Now I was a little nervous bringing home so many bags because I had only pre-warned Mark about the first one, but I had been talking about getting the clutch forever so that wouldn't be too much of a surprise...but a third would I pull that off??? Especially because every time I lose something his response is:
Mark: "Did you check all your bags?"
Me: "of course"
Mark: "All of them"
Me: "yes"
Mark: "well what about the one in the bathroom, and the one in your car and the one under the computer desk."
Me: "Agghhh...forgot about those ones!"
I have downsized and am now down to only four lululemon bags. I figure that is good because most of them I got through it is fully justified. Right?
Now, if I could only get a walk in closet like Sarah Jessica Parker for all this storage!
*Pera handbags is new and a fantastic up and coming company-if you are interested in the line let me know and I will get you in contact with Lindy :)*
*tnmultisports athletes recieve sponsorship discount and the info will be up on our site soon*


beth said...

The clutch was amazing. I didn't see the deep purple bag - what style was that one? I love deep purple! (the color & the band).

I am such a bag whore. I have a closet in my house just for my bags. Ian usually requires for every bag I purchase, another one needs to go to the goodwill. I think he knows he is fighting a losing battle.


LaVonne said...

I am a bag whore as well, but since I'm not a very good girly girl, they are mainly gym bags, messenger bags, etc. One for every purpose imaginable!

The Pera bags look great! Does she have a website?

rr said...

You are my long lost handbag sister. I currently carry my entire life in a giant giraffe D&B, and sometimes I even wear it when I get cold..

I need a lulu bag! (or ten, whatever.)


Anonymous said...

WO..WO..WO..I think you have miscounted miss T. I know there are more lu lu bags than that :)