Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

We committed to babysitting Mark's nephews a few weeks back to allow for his brother to have a nice evening out with his wife for his birthday. They graciously made us dinner, bought us desert, and opened their home to us. We learned a lot of new phrases during this 4 hour adventure:

1. Immediately upon walking in the door Weston says "I just stepped on a duck"! You can only imagine the odor filling the room.

2. The duck then became a way to blame younger brother..I think you need to check his pants. That was Mark's duty...I won't go there!

3. Wagner (the youngest) practically hyperventilated upon the site of a cupcake. Eating cupcakes for desert the boys had their little ones, I begin eating a chocolate one with purple frosting. Then, in a stuffed half eaten cupcake voice I hear "I want purple, I want purple"!

4. We watched the movie Cars with Lightning McQueen. I chose to be the cool red one, Mark the cool yellow one, but Weston he got to be "ALL" of them.

5. As we sit watching the movie with Weston lying nearly on me we hear again "I stepped on a duck"....aghhh!! But did you have to do it in my face?!

6. PJ time! Weston pulls his pants to his eyebrows and exclaims....I am a turbo. A turbo??? Turbo means "not cool" in four year old language.

7. We make air popped popcorn...of course, not fast enough because Wagner is once again going to turn blue in the face from the heavy panting. We make small bowls for them, of course, I get the big one, but before you knew it Wagner caught on....Eat as fast as you can and then you can get more from the big bowl....he searched through the couch to for all the dropped kernels.

8. Time to brush the teeth....we hear...waawaa??? waawaa??? "Weston...what is your brother saying?" Watermelon...oh yes, who knew...watermelon toothpaste??!!

9. "Chick Magnet" - They repeat everything you say, hence the lingo learned from their dad. So we taught them the words last night. I am sure we will hear if they used them today :)

10. They go to bed and we hear downstairs on the intercom Weston reciting every word he spoke for the night. "McQueen, Meat, purple, cars, ball, uncle mark".

We had a great time as they are such great kids....and we for sure learned a lot on the vocabulary front! Happy Birthday Paul!


Anonymous said...

Not sure T and I are ready to have "little buggers"...after 3 hours of Babysitting Aunt "TISSA" was passed out on the couch! Tough work

Charisa said...

Awesome! Kids are funny. And they can wear you out!! :)