Sunday, June 07, 2009

Seattle is keeping me busy!!

I know, I know, its been a long while. I was trying so hard to keep up on the posting. But life just happens and I slowed down a bit,well, sort of. Upon returning home fromm California I was plagued with dizziness and not feeling "right" since the migraine. I gradually added in working out, but rested a lot too. Then Summer came to Seattle. And when that happens no one stays in doors. I got some amazing long rides in and took advantage of every day in the sun, along with longer days. Open water swims, rides, and a few runs (that hasn't been the same since St Croix either) and then it was trying to get some work done too. So all in all, the blog fell to the backside.

We had our first local race and the new TN multisports kits were sported! It was so exciting to see the athletes racing again!

The Rock N Roll marathon is quickly approaching here, not only are the 25,000 participants (largest running event ever in Seattle), but I somehow am volunteering at a water station. The most exciting thing about this so far is that there was a meeting for team captains at the Museum of flight, which I have never been too, I was entertained by the cool airplanes and am determined to go back to possibly "learn" something next time.


With some amazing beautiful sunshiny days it is surprising to report that we had a day that equated to 90 degree heat and ended with a wind storm that left us without power for hours. Every candle we owned was burning. You really never know what your going to get around here.

We are headed to Boise 70.3 by the end of this week. Ready to race this famous West Seattle pizza off from Talarico's (only 3.95 a slice)!

I was stuffed after a few bites of the BBQ chicken special!


D said...

We've been SO lucky with the weather. It's been GREAT! Even through my heat bloat, I wouldn't trade it for the PNW rain/cold EVER. It's definitely a good reason to neglect the blog :)

Charisa said...

THAT just looks amazing. I think I need to go home and eat PIZZA now! :)