Monday, May 25, 2009

Cali fun and big migraine lesson

I was so excited when I heard from Mark that I would get to spend the weekend with my BFF Ashlea in Orange County(aka: body piercing, big sock, and Ed Hardy buddy). Not only is it a guaranteed great time, but the weather and the training are added bonuses.
Super excited to go and super busy at the same time. I learned a few lessons within hours of arriving in California.

Day of Seattle Departure (4:30 pm flight)

4:30am wake up call (finish cleaning, get ready for the busy day), swim lesson, two classes, hurry over to 60 mile bike ride in absolutely fantastic Seattle weather, with fun friends. Heart rate SUPER high due to antibiotics (last day of them), finish ride and down some chocolate milk- my fave. Pack (procrastination did not pay off this time) or more like throw all the clothes I wore in St Croix back into luggage. Take out trash, trash explodes everywhere- cat litter everywhere in the common areas of the condo, oh yeah and the trash key, where is that? (Mark always takes the trash out and he left for Cali on Tuesday), pull out the vacuum... Ride will be here in minutes and I need two more hours to accomplish what I needed too. Oh well, the airplane isn't waiting for me.

Ticketing, security, train to gate, etc...quick bite and I was off.
Arrival time: 7:30.

Hugs, laughs and and excitement- Ashlea and I meet up. Go for dinner have some wine. Go to bed. Big plans for the morning include my favorite UC Irvine Masters Group and then mani and pedis and then dinner out at a joint that is supposed to have the best hamburgers around. Oh, and Mark is driving up from San Diego at noon.

Wake up 9am.
Biggest head ache EVER. Long story short. Everything I did resulted in vomit (turning over in bed, drinking water, opening my eyes, you name it) The toilet was my friend. And this was not a hangover. Day one: 24 hours in bed.

You know you have a best friend when they can watch you make a mess of their bathroom, pick up your $75 (for three pills) medication and spend her entire day waiting for you to get better. Mark arrives and has great ideas that I needed to get out of bed...Puke. then that I should drink water...puke. Aghh! Great thing Ashlea has a fantastic doctor friend and I have amazing doctors in Seattle (Dr Brian Perry) who texted back and forth with Mark that they were both able to determine immediately that this was a migraine and prescribe the right meds.

Lessons learned: Take care of thyself! I did not take care of my self and it showed. Often we get caught up in the moment and forget about what needs to be done for our health and our body, on this day I ignored every sign and did everything imaginable for a migraine to strike. How was I to know...I had never had one before...But I beg to never have one again.

Still feeling a bit "off", the weekend still turned out amazingly.

The day plans were shot but the next day we made up for it all. With pedicure and pool time and the wonderful hamburger! Some shopping and in bed before 10pm.

Next day ran along the ocean, did our laps in the pool with our matching lululemon suits (thank you Lululemon for the amazing hot pink swimwear). The scene around us was most equivalent to a college frat party and we were pumping out the yardage in the pool.

We then met up with our Seattle friend, Stacey, (who happened to be visiting Cali too) at Laguna beach for some sun time and girl chat.

Then we were off to Javier for fantastic Mexican food and "sight seeing".

Ashlea-Thanks for a fun fab weekend (minus Friday), but also for taking care of me and being so great of a hostess. Every minute goes by so quickly, never enough time, can not wait to see you soon. Ironman Canada??? Kona??? Soon??? PLEASE???


D said...

Obviously I'm not Ashlea (though my middle name IS Ashley!), but are you going to be at IMC too? PARTAY! Uh... after the race, I guess. hehe

Charisa said...

Oh man, I can be really good at throwing way too much stuff on my plate too. Glad you are feeling better and still got a great weekend out of it all!

Anonymous said...

"SIGHT SEEING" is correct :)


endurancegirl said...

So...I'm the girl that you so generously lent your wetsuit to at IMC that ripped it!!! And since I found you through the blog world, I want to say how desperately sorry I am. Hopefully B70 got it replaced in no time. I can't believe that happened. It was a week of bad luck for me!!

But on another your blog. I'm another Seattlelite, so I'm surprised I haven't met you before!

Cheers to your training and perhaps we'll meet at a local race soon!