Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Law

Some of you know that I have a medical conditioned called Ulcerative Colitis. I won't go into depth about it because it can be googled if you really want to know more. There is nothing fun about the disease and it requires major adjustments to your daily lifestyle, not to mention training schedules. I did a lot of research going into ironman last year, because I spent the entire year with a flare up, and did not know if I could even make it to the starting line. I researched other triathletes that had this condition and did some pen paling with Jonathan Caron. Since then other triathletes have reached out for advice and guidance. Knowing that there are other athletes out there that go through the same things day in and day out is a blessing. Simply because "normal", and I use that loosely, individuals can't quite understand the anxiety, the aches, the sense of failure that comes from not finishing a workout....most people just think were crazy for even trying a crazy sport.

Very few of you will find the excitement that I do in this new law, but since it is my blog, I decided to post about this NEW very important "life changing" law that just passed in WA state. Thanks to Mike McCready of Pearl Jam who stood up and made this happen.

Check it out on King 5 TV!

A note from Mike:

I would like to personally thank Ally Bain, Lois Fink, Senator Kline, Representative Liias, Governor Gregoire and the Washington Restaurant Association for helping to draft this resolution, as well as all of the supporters who have aided in successfully passing the Restroom Access Law.

Until a cure is found, millions of fellow Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients and I struggle to find a bathroom when an attack happens. While doubling over in immense abdominal pain, we have about 5 seconds to locate and make it to a restroom. The fear of not having easy access to a restroom wherever you are is at times crippling and has made many IBD sufferers prisoners of their own homes. Crohn’s, colitis and other autoimmune disease sufferers have a hidden disability — we may look “normal” on the outside, but we require the same compassion and understanding as any of those with a more visible affliction.

I am relieved (pun intended) that future patients -- especially kids and their parents — are now able to carry cards or medical notes that guarantee them access to employee-only bathrooms. Thanks to all the businesses that understand. This law will now make going out in public easier and encourage more Crohn’s and colitis patients to confidently venture outside their homes.

Mike McCready

I am ordering my card today...maybe two or three. One for the wallet, one for the bike, and definitely one to get all sweaty on the run. The impact this new law has is HUGE for those that suffer from Crohn's, UC, or IBD.


D said...

Excellent. That is GREAT news!

beth said...

So happy this law passed! Way to go Mike McCready - great that he took the time to work on this legislation.

Eileen Swanson said...

the new law is so great! i can't even imagine how tough this may be. i suffer from abdominal pain alot lately, but don't have to go to the bathroom, just pain, not sure why. you are one tough chick!

Kim said...

this is a GREAT law! YAY! hopefully it will make its way to MA - i have the CCFA "i cant wait" card but sometimes establishments still don't allow you to use their restrooms.

this is a huge step for UC/Crohns patients!

Charisa said...

That is absolutely awesome!