Wednesday, August 19, 2009


(T and H*)

We swim, we bike, we other words we get to play. It defines us, not solely, but it is a huge part of who we are, who our friends are, and what we choose to do with our time. What happens when we don't get to play? And our lives changes? For a short time or for forever. Either way, we figure it out. We are strong, we are surrounded by good people.

What am I getting at here? I often forget just how lucky I am. Getting to play on a daily basis, getting to hang out with my friends, doing what we love. What I really forget is that it is so easily taken for granted. It only takes a split second for everything to change.

Many of you can relate. We have all had to sit out of an important race, a race that we have trained for day in and day out, we are in the best shape of our lives and it is taken away from us. As an athlete this is hard, as a coach it can be even more of a challenge. My great friend, was unfortunately, one of these all too many accidents that have been occurring. Instead of racing a PR at the Lake Stevens 70.3 she is stuck in a weeks worth of surgery. ALIVE she is, but life-changing for sure. Her beautiful smile only gone for a short time, but it is way to beautiful to be a day without. Mark's BFF too, down and out, however, still hopeful to make it to Canada. We are working on his one armed freestyle!

Here is a reminder to all of us: Be safe, wear your helmet (thank you Rudy Project for saving another two lives), and NEVER take for granted the opportunities that we are given to play!

Thomas, lets work on that swimming (2.4 mile single arm swim in sub 2 hours) and those vocals (major cheering)-then we are prepared for either case scenario.

Heather (aka H*), my wishes of a super speedy fast recovery (because I heart you and miss my cycling buddy). You will come out of this stronger and more gorgeous than ever.


D said...

Sending super good thoughts to you and your athletes!!!!

Kim said...

crap - wishing her a speedy recovery.

there must be something in the air - my friend AJ was just in a really terrible bike accident over the weekend and lost her four front teeth. my thoughts are with both of your friends.

beth said...

Thank goodness she is alive and facebooking! Heather is amazing and will be out on the course again shortly.

Anonymous said...

I heart u too. Can I com run with y'all Saturday? I don't have teeth yet, and my lips are normalish (my new kind of normal).....just a bit of percoset in my system I'm sure.....but my surgeon told me id be ok.....xoxox did ya thank rudy proj. For me too?

Charisa said...

Speedy recovery to both your friends!

Michael said...

Good Post. So sorry to hear about your cycling friend. There was a terrible crash-up involving 5 cyclists and one vehicle in Ottawa, Canada several weeks ago, You may have heard about it as Lance commented and sent good wishes to the injured cyclists (and his bib from a leg of the Tour de France to use as a fundraiser) . If you google "do the test" you'll find a series of UK ads which highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets. Good blog. I'll be sure to come back. Mike