Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain Races.

Lately we have been blessed with some sunshiny days and have been equally gifted with rain storms. Just when you think you have your day figured out the weather takes control. Last year at this time all training was still indoors, so the fact that we made 4 bike rides outside this week was AMAZING.
I am finding myself either chasing my shadow in the sun (which always makes me look like I am running like a goof). Or chasing the dark rain clouds. Somehow I sneaked in two workouts just in time before there were winds and rain that would blow you sideways into the ocean.

The thought of another 4+ hour trainer ride was making me nauseous but the weather man was trying to make that happen. We opted to "give it" a try and managed 5 hours with only a 5 min burst of rain drops so fierce it felt like pellets were being thrown at me. It also brought back the memories of Boise 70.3 last year and riding through a hail storm. OUCH!

The ride left us with a few ab workouts incorporated within. As always, with friends you are guaranteed some laughs that last a lifetime. The highlight was when we stopped at the 2:30 mark at a gas station.
A sudden bang left us all turning our heads so quickly we could have instilled whiplash upon ourselves.
A man drove off leaving his gas hose in the tank.

Funny, YES, but what topped it off was Tracy asking "Who does that?" and Natalie responding "Well, when I did it.....and they are designed with "tear-away" capabilities."

Then the gentlemen carried it into the mini-mart for his "walk-of-shame."

(Laura, T, Nat. If you look closely you can see the hose missing in the back pump.)

STILL laughing this morning.

The rainstorms were brewing up all night and today I am keeping my fingers crossed I can find a hole in the cloud to get this training done.....OUTSIDE!

P.S. Some of you asked about the sprained tailbone. Believe me, I didn't believe it was possible, but holy OUCH. Worst pain of my life (minus being hit by a bus....literally). I was having some trouble with my back and SI joint....whipped out a bike trainer ride of endless hours and I was sitting slightly "off", somehow my tailbone shifted. Lesson learned: Get back issues addressed immediately.

Cheers to sunny skies and chasing your shadow!


Kim said...

oh man, i cant believe that guy did that with the gas pump! hilarious!

way to finish a fantastic 5 hour OUTDOOR bike ride in between the rain showers! i'm with you - all this rain and trainer rides are driving me NUTS! here's to good weather!

SSB said...

I thought that was an urban myth. But I guess it does really happen. Too funny.

Christi said...

That poor guy! That would definitely be a walk of shame. I am glad to hear that you got in a great ride. You and your friends look great!

Charisa said...

Oh OUCH! I hope the sprained tailbone is better quickly!

Jill Costantino said...

That is too funny! Even funnier that it happened to your friend too.
Hope you are feeling better soon. OUCH!