Sunday, October 10, 2010


So several of you have raced an ironman and I have sat on my boot'ee the entire time......was so intrigued and captivated by your amazing days that I could not even get myself up to eat or go to the bathroom (okay, I did get up but it was fast). Just did not want to miss a moment!!!
However, I did not miss waking up with tan lines like these: (you know each of you have them) Then again that new Scape product could prevent these!

We hurried home from the run clinic and as we pulled in the garage and this conversation happens:

Mark: "Can you imagine if we came home to no internet today?
Me: "Shush, why would you say such a thing?"

As we walk in and rush to get all 3 computers going (Thank you team for the awesome ipad) guess what? Internet and cable are OUT. Yep, OUT! For 45 min and then it magically appeared, then disappeared again around 5pm so we rushed to our favorite Mexican joint that thankfully has internet. Sat there until the computers went dead and came home to internet. Can you say Mark jinxed us!!! Ha!

The race was amazing on all accounts. I had yet to witness a pass in the ironman distance where two athletes hung side by side, stride by stride, it was unbelievable. Witnessing this from a computer, I believe was almost better than being there (although the sun on the back and mai tais were sure missed). I was also busy counting bike and run cadences, analyzing how each athlete raced, how they took fuel, when they were aero, when they stood up, etc, etc. I had a swim coach that made me watch and analyze and it has stuck with me for years. You can learn so much from the sidelines. The online video coverage was amazing and if it was recorded I could continue to watch it over and over and over.

Watching made me think back more and more about racing and the journey. It was a clear reminder that ANYTHING can happen on race day (especially in Kona) and that no matter what every athlete there has a huge amount of support around them from all over the country. The FB posts to all the athletes were amazing to see. Your family and friends just want YOU (the athlete) to enjoy the experience, smile as often as possible and are happy to support you along the way. Times, places, etc, are only a small portion of what racing means to everyone on the outside. We, as athletes are our biggest critics and need to sometimes step back and realize how lucky we actually are...we get to push the limits, test ourselves, and experience the highs of being an athlete. And when we are not 100% satisfied it is important to understand that there are several more races to come and more Kona's too (my day there still awaits...I do believe third time is a charm for this girl!) So many people never take this risk to find out WHO they really are and what talents lie within them. Congratulations to each and everyone of you who raced at Kona, Boston, Chicago, and Victoria. You have inspired so many and I know every one of you will be back for more! Thank you for reminding me of the little things that are truly the big things.

And while yesterday was about sitting, I was exhausted from the emotions.... got myself a nap today, but that was after a 2 hour walk, in the rain! No complaints here though because it was on some amazingly beautiful trails at Cougar Mountain. It was so much fun to be "out and about" and to be with friends. Okay, getting lost for 20 min we could have done without but we managed to navigate our way back to the homeland, soaked, dirty and with numb fingertips.

I decided to log myself back into training peaks since this "walk" was a breakthrough workout. Counting back and it has been 9 full weeks of ZERO exercise (yep, went from 20 to zero hours overnight).

Things continue to look up, but am still under close watch....landed myself in the ER a few weeks ago again and officially am a "frequent flyer" there.....really trying to avoid that place! But the docs and I have come up with a formula for meds (yes, I have to compromise there too, just as I do with the exercise prescriptions) that may be the magic trick going into this next treatment :)

Have a started to lose my mind? Possibly, BUT it is what needs to be done to someday be out there in the races, doing what I love to do. Being sidelined is not "fun" but it is "fun" to see so much from the "other" side. To appreciate racing from a whole other level.

Until next time, the TRX, the bike trainer, and many more walks are lined up and I am STOKED!


Marit C-L said...

Hey TN - Couldn't have said it better myself.... Thank you for this. I didn't know how I would feel yesterday.... I was sad, yes.... but I ended up spending a LOT of time yesterday watching the coverage - it was truly amazing, and having done it, I have a completely new respect for it. Oh well.. thanks for your post - you said it brilliantly!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Well put T. You are one of the strongest people I know and even when we should all be hugging you you find a way to inspire us. Karma is a full circle, it will come back around.
Love ya,

Christi said...

I loved the race. I watched it and loved all the great racing I saw!

I hope you continue to get better!

Kim said...

SO true about watching the race. I was loving it!! That was a great point and we all DO need to sit back and just be thankful to be out there.. it's funny how sometimes we forget to appreciate it like we really should. HUGE congrats to you for a breakthrough workout!! You're getting there.. I know you won't ever give up.. and that is the most important thing.

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

You are awesome TN!! I couldn't tear my eyes off the coverage either and loved analyzing how each athlete biked, ran, fueled, ect.. Soon enough your baby steps will land you back in Kona to race. Can't wait to cheer for you when that happens :)

Charisa said...

Hang in there! You are doing awesome and will get everything figured out. Great post, so well said, all of it.

Michelle Simmons said...

Glad you're on your way back!! And I know what you mean about how as athletes we are too hard on ourselves (vs what our friends and family think of us!) Nicely said.

Beth said...

Oh man are you going to be ready when it's your time again! :) Hope you continue to feel better and have more and more breakthrough workouts!! Thinking of you lots!

Kiet said...

Looking at that first pic brings me back to Hawaii 70.3 which seems so long ago. If there is such a thing as instant friendship, I think you and I experienced it. I'm smiling as I look back on the swim we did in Kailua Bay from the 1.2 mile buoy and I thought you were Bree behind me the entire time...well, until you passed me anyways.

Eileen Swanson said...

T, I had no idea that you were still recovering. Sounds like you are doing better and better and have an amazing attitude! That is awesome! Wishing you the speediest recovery!!

Anonymous said...

We literally had 3 computers running...I think Macca heard me yelling through the screen.


Kim said...

2011 will be a healthy and awesome year - i can feel it for you T! and i start TRX classes next week!

D said...

Am I the only one that sees it live and thinks, "Fuck, I'm glad I'm not racing this"? hehe :)

chris mcpeake said...

Good luck with the continuing recovery. You will be back soon