Friday, December 03, 2010

Back in the Splash.

I never thought getting back in the pool would bring the emotions that it did. I jumped in feet first (normally, I kind of crawl in and don't even get my head wet until half way down the pool...its cold!) and an instant smile from ear to ear and around my head appeared! It was pure bliss!

(Super happy swimmer....the last time I swam....until now!)

The docs often ask what I do to relax...recommending yoga (which you will never find me doing again) and meditation, reading, etc....for me it is SWIMMING that 100% clears my head and takes me away to another land.

The swims these days consist of no clocks, no lap counting, just pure swimming from the heart and doing what feels right in the moment. Some days it is 15 min others maybe doesn't matter really, the fact that I GET to swim is where the appreciation lies.

(just one of the fun TYR suits I love!)

And what adds to all this fun excitement is that I finally get to wear all those cute TYR suits that have filled my swim bag. Thank you TYR for making swimming that much more of a wonderful thing!


Beth said...

Woooo-hoooo! Swimming is very relaxing to me too. Although I do crawl in inch by inch still... :) Great to hear you are back at it!

Michelle Simmons said...

Fantastic! And I agree, swimming is a great relaxation exercise for so many of us! Welcome back!!

Christi said...

Congratulations on getting back to the pool! I wish I had the love of it that you do but not so much! I guess I will have to work on that!

D said...

TERESA! I've been trying to talk myself into yoga for the last couple weeks and I read this? Geez. :)

Kim said...

YIPPEE!! Yeah for swimming and small steps!! Enjoy my friend!!

LaVonne said...

I hate yoga, but swimming does not relax my mind! :-) Lots of cute suits definitely help me get in the pool, though! I'm glad you're in the water. Enjoy this time swimming for fun! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

love you sweet girl! so so so glad for you!!! you are my most inspiring person. on a side note, put my graffiti kini on yesterday, love it...did you get the rockstar yet, so so cute! :)