Monday, December 06, 2010

Short Post, Big Message

We can all learn a lot from this girl! She truly means what she says and does it all with a smile!
You can click on her post and stop reading here :)

Her most recent post on "wrapping it up" hit home, it made me smile (because I am so proud of her), it made me sad (I miss pushing myself to the limits), it made me excited (because she is a true sum of dedication), it made me happy that I could relate to her message.

Charisa and I raced together for the first time in my first ironman (CDA in 2008). I didn't know her at the start, nor at the finish that day. We became friends through blogging, triathlon, and emailing (still need to figure out the butterfly!). We met for the first time in Kona 2009.

Charisa swam a 1:06 at multiple ironmans (3+) leading up to her pro debut this year. I (well, everyone)watched her throughout the year carry the determination to break that 1:06 barrier (this girl became a fish!). At her first ironman this year, she swam a 1:06 AGAIN....she did not give up and continued with her journey with additional fire in the belly. By the end of the season she swam a :59! I think all of FB had a party for her!

She wasn't just this successful with her swim, but with all the disciples related to triathlon and life. Her message in her post says a lot and I believe everyone can learn from it.

Keep believing, keep dreaming, and recognize that at the end of the day it is you, the clock, your dignity, your passion, and only a "tiny" thing that defines you as a person. Make the best of every race. Hard work does pay off! Be the best you can be...on and off the field!


Christi said...

I was very excited for Charisa also! And her post yesterday brought tears to my eyes. I needed to hear her message and it came through loud and clear.

Thanks for reminding me about it again today!

Charisa said...

Thank you. I love how I've made such good friends like you in this sport! I remember in 2008 seeing "Teresa" on someone's race bib in my age group. Wow we've come a long way. Thanks so much for all the encouragement (especially in swimming!!) and inspiring so many yourself.

Kiet said...

TN, I think I can just copy and past this onto my blog and say it is about you. Simply put, you both rock.

Kim said...

Agree with Kiet!! You BOTH are awesome and so inspiring! Make sure you check my blog when you have a chance.. see if you recognize the anything :)

Kim said...

I hope you know one of those names was you my dear!! I know you're going to get a chance to do what you love again.. it may take some time - but you'll get there!! Don't you worry!! Thanks for everything you've done to help others this year - including me :)

GoBigGreen said...

TN: you know sometimes we are equally inspired by an individual's journey and how they deal with adversity. It was awesome to read Kim's post and see you and Marit there with her:)
Keep on swimming:)