Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June and on to the other side!

We've been doing a lot, but who hasn't. Unfortunately, we have been doing so much that I can't even remember what we did yesterday!

Here are some highlights for the month of June (post-Hawaiian sunshine):

Boise 70.3-

*Went to observe the athletes race and planned for a little swim training. The lake, more or less, left us feeling like we were freezing our bodies for future lab testing.

*Friend, TNM Coach and athlete- Kim Pancoast won the overall amateur in her first half ever!

(strong, strong, stronger)

*With athlete-tracking down I played the role of Matt Lieto and Hillary Biscay for a short amount of time to send updated to the world (okay to twitter fans, but you get the idea)
Ironman CDA-
Upon return we had postponed my Remicade treatment to the following Monday so I could enjoy a weekend at home. The training was superb and all I had hoped for this weekend. Thanks to Brent Hardy for keeping me honest, or is it the other way around?!
Monday I had treatment. By Wednesday our nomad-like selves were off to Ironman CDA. An entire week of VACATION! My vision was clear going into this. Loads of times with friends, family, training, and eating. The minutes were booked to the second. By Wednesday afternoon the head was aching.

You would think we know the routine by now but the medicines are still changing so each treatment is different. All that “pre-booked” time became eternity in the “Dream” bedroom of our 6-bedroom rented home. And a visit to the ER. Once the migraine (not sure of the terminology of a migraine-beyond-migraines, but it hurts and I can only accept vomitting while racing an ironman) diminishes it is still a few days of feeling really wonky before returning to normal life. Can’t thank our loving family enough for helping me, once again. (Webbs, Cunninghams, Mom and hubby Webb).

Some photos of what I wanted to be doing:

(These two champs swam in the minus 55 degree water....brrr! Maybe the migraine WAS a blessing...ha!) (Current was so strong that the paddle boat got stuck at shore, these boys came to the rescue but still had to be pulled in by the boaters!)

By Sunday I was feeling up for cheering on friends from all over the country! Every Ironman event is beyond surreal. So many dreams coming true in one day, at one event! The TNM team had an amazing day and Mark came out with more improvements than ever. He continues to prove that hard work DOES pay off!
(the boys an hour before conquering the world)

As for racing, Rev 3 Portland has always been on the table. Taking an entire week off (with only 3 weeks to go) was less than ideal. We are beginning to realize that my training plan is 6 weeks ON, 1 week completely OFF. Once home I was able to get in 4 solid days of training and now sniffles and congestion is settling in. Painfully depressing blog, I know!

So Rev 3 continues to be a yes, then a no, and is an affirmative maybe now. The decision will be made by race morning.

My fitness is far from where it was, and I am staying away from comparing THEN from NOW. My new now is what matters and my fitness has continued to improve since beginning training in the last week of February this year. That is all I can truly ask for.

There was a plan to participate in a smaller race for lead up but for a few reasons I bailed out, primarily due to the torrential downpour, but too, because I was clearly not ready. Not ready mentally. This was a huge eye opener for me because I had not realized the level of confidence you get from racing frequently. There is a level of assurance I had not realized existed in myself. I was so unsure about everything that I knew my day would not unfold in a positive manner. I was more nervous that I had ever been in my life going into a race. I, pulled a quick U-turn and headed straight home. More mental training needed for me!

Rev 3 Portland will mark exactly one year since I have had the opportunity to race.

Fitness or not, my heart is strong and my mind is tenacious with belief, with that, the body will mimic.


Kiet said...

TN, always awesome to spend some time with you and Mark. He crushed it at IMCDA, just looked solid all day. You gotta go to REV3 Portland, no fear, regardless of outcome, just do it. Give the Breezy a big ole slap on her wooty for me.

Beth said...

Hoping that Rev3 Portland turns into a big YES next weekend! Your persistance as getting healthy and training despite it all continues to inspire me and many others I know!!

Jill Costantino said...

Your health is MOST important! Whether it's go time for Rev3 or not you are getting there and that is the MOST important thing - the progression that you are making. Wish I was going to be there with you either cheering for you or with you, but I am cheering from Van! Your journey is inspiring, your attitude is AMAZING and your strength is couragous! Have a fantastic weekend. Also - there are some pretty good outlets there for shopping, so hopefully you find some time for that too:)

LaVonne said...

I know when I return to racing the mental part will be the toughest.

Stay strong!

Charisa said...

I was so excited to see that you raced Rev3 Portland!!!! Awesome :)

Lauren said...

My friend Molly directed me to your blog today and I am so glad she did. I just searched ulcerative colitis and stayed up way too late reading your old posts.

You have no idea how much comfort your honesty has brought me. I am a triathlete with ulcerative colitis. Sometimes it's just nice to know there are other people who understand.