Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kukio Challenge

Another trip down and it is always so sad to leave Hawaii! I am not cleared to do a "full" triathlon yet so I continue to enter fun activities and try new things. I heard of the Kukio challenge last year from Kiet and Bree and when I knew I would not be racing Honu 70.3 I jumped on the Kukio Challenge bandwagon.

What it is:

1/2 mile swim, 3 mile run (uphill and then back down), 2 mile paddle board.

Swimming: done that forever

Running: coming back slowly but surely

Paddleboarding: once at Honu 70.3 2010 and once the week of the 2011 Kukio Challenge

We took of from the swim and there was no draft from Flannigan as he took off and we battled the chop. It was two quick buoys and with difficulty sighting the shore I stayed with the board short dudes stroke per stroke to stay on target to the shore.

The run was up and up and Rachel had pre-warned me about this. She sped past me on the way down the hill in her cute Betty Designs signature suit (BTW she raced Honu the day before!).

The paddle: YIKES! Volunteers knew my lack of paddle experience so I was told it was okay to stay on my knees. I saw the far buoy and it was not getting any closer. I had a Powerbar energy gel in my suit but could not reach for it, in fear that I would move back another 10 feet if I stopped paddling. I promised myself that Powergel no-matter-what when I reached the buoy. But it was like holding a donut in front of a starving was never coming to an end! 25'ish minutes later I made it to the turnaround. I was ready to sunbathe on my board at this point as I lied down to take the ever-so-sought-after gel. I need to train to sit on my knees that long! The paddle back was much more "refreshing" as the waves assisted in the forward movement and the calories gave the muscles power to motor home. In the finish chute I reached the volunteers and immediately a the big Kahuna wave came over me and flushed me to outside the buoys. Yep, I was "that girl" making the grand exit after being on the paddle portion of this event longer than anyone. Flailing outside the finish chute, cutting up the toes, and smiling while running the dirt path to the finish line!

So I was passed by all the islanders, however, somehow managed first in the division (Rachel took 1st overall thrashing the women's field).

I will be back.....and next time on the prone board simulating swimming on a board, instead of submerging an oar into the thrashing waters of the ocean and moving no-where-fast!

Thanks Kukio for the amazing venue, amazing pumpkin pancake, fresh fruit, drinks, and sushi, and super fun event. Kiet we have a challenge next year!


SSB said...

One of these years I'm gonna do that race.

Thanks for cheering for me on Sat!

Beth said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! Although I would still be out there on that paddleboard, hopelessly turning in circles. :)

Kim said...

so much fun TN! glad that you had a blast.

Christi said...

That sounds like a very cool race! Congrats!

Jill Costantino said...

That looks like so much fun! Congrats on your first Kuikio challenge. I would've totally stayed lying on my board!

Kiet said...

Duuuude, we had IDENTICAL races...well except I didn't take first place like you did. I bet your idea to do the lay down board next year popped in your head when you saw Rachel flying by on the lay-down board. I had this exact same thought last year when she went flying by me, why the hell didn't I do a lay-down board, it's just like swimming. And those guys in the board shorts are damn fast swimmers, I pulled those two the entire swim last year. Good stuff TN, and how about the awesome food and free beer after the race?!!?!?!?

Michelle Simmons said...

I can't believe I didn't get to meet you over the weekend! Yikes! Are you going to be in CdA?

Glad you had fun at that race!

LaVonne said...

Too funny! GOod for you for trying something new! Keeps life exciting.

elizabeth said...

So happy to see you out there TN!! :))

Libby said...

awesome! so good to see you out there racing. how fun and way to get out of your comfort zone! I will do this race with you guys someday!!!

Genevieve said...

Proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

This is Paola from the Kuki'o Challenge.
We were so happy to have you participate and hope you come back next year!
You did great!