Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer from the eyes of the camera phone.

Completely stole this idea from Beth S. But her post cracked me up that I couldn't help but go through my “random/unpublished” photos on my phone and realize that it truly brings back memories of the summertime!

Drum roll please (in no particular order):

Kukio Challenge after party. This man was SO tall Mark had to walk up to him to get a comparison on height. Wowza!

An attempt to ZOOM in on the bee that RIP on the Queen K after hitting my chest, leaving my sternum swollen for days.

Boise resevoir. Cold?!

Attempt to take pic of a pic. Dad and I. Yep, braces and puffy paint shirt for my 13th birthday party! Miss you.

Super close-up anyone?

Rev 3, Mark in desperate need for coffee, three shops later we landed here. Unaware of where we "really" were. Very difficult to make eye contact!

Brent this is a pic of B, for you! She can't wait for the next run date!

Lake Stevens OCD participants vehicle. Must be organized to succeed! And the front seat looks the same.

"You can use anything."- says CDA homeowner. Golf cart gets flat tire, golf cart keys get thrown on roof top. Maybe next time the golf cart will be off-limits. :)

Phone cover. Leopard or trout?!

Anyone doing Canada just may have witnessed these on yellow lake. Gotta love some Betty Designs and then some additional extra flare!

Happy final summer days everyone!


Beth said...

Love it!!! The random phone picture posts are the best. Great way to remember all the awesome stuff you got to do all summer! :)

Kim said...

totally loving the random photos, esp the one with you and your dad - hilarious!

Molly said...

Those are all hilarious!!! Great memories :)

Kiet said...

Looking at the Kukio pic brought back some great memories, it was a good summer indeed!

Rebecca Kelley said...

That picture of 13-year old T is so cute!

Jill Costantino said...

Great pics! OMG - that person is SO OCD! The one of you and your dad is so great too! Live on Summer, live ON!

Klopeda N Training said...

Great idea of the cam pic's! Summer goes by SO quickly!

Charisa said...

Love it!

LaVonne said...

Love it! I have been to one of those bikini barista places by accident - I was so embarrassed!!!

Meaghan said...

those pictures are HILARIOUS! Crazy how fast the summer flies..