Friday, November 21, 2008


Gosh, I am sure behind on posting, not a lot has been happening, but then again alot has been happening.

Most exciting news is that Splish has accepted sponsorship with me for next year!!! Super excited to be flashing some cute, exciting, comfy and original apparel. Thank you Dawn and Ira.

Also, exciting is that my mom PR'd in her 5K and won her division at her last race (turkey trot, pumpkin push, somethin' or other) She went a 27! Way to go mom!

Least exciting news is that this issue of ulcerative colitis is really taking a toll. More meds, more changes, but I trust in my doctors and will continue with minimal exercise.

However, I have the okay to swim, as much as I want, so three times in the water already this week has been adventurous. I went from doing a 1:11 hard effort to know back down to 1:08's. No where near where I was for Kona, but really, how much can I ask for with almost a month out of the water.

I think my hip is all healed too, but I wont be testing that anytime soon, so as soon as this colitis is under control I will be READY to train. I am right now, but must obey orders:) I really love seeing those doctors, but would really prefer not too.

Lots of other exciting news on the horizon, but it will stay in the top secret folder for now, just like the KFC recipe!


Shawn and Tracy said...

Check out Jonnyo's blog he wrote a few post on how he has been doing. He bought a juicer and says it's helping calm the issues....I know the recipe of the KFC ;-)

LaVonne said...

Are you getting married?

Take care of yourself and be ready for an awesome year next year!!!!