Friday, December 04, 2009

Antlers=Vegas Baby

We are here ready for the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas.

(Elvis, T, Matt, and H*)

There happens to be the national rodeo convention going on too. And we nearly died laughing as we were driving by the Paris hotel and saw this:

(Antler Chandelier for sale)

The humor comes from by buddy who did Ironman Canada this year and also finds opening day of hunting very much the equivalent to Christmas day. He just moved in with his girlfriend and had to cut a run short the day of their house warming party so he could hang up his antlers before the festivities.

I plan on wearing the chandelier over my head on the way home. I am sure his girl Jess can't wait!
So I truly thought the weather her was in the 70+ all year. And then the night before leaving Mark let me know that the high was 50. What? I signed up for this as an escape from the cold during the Seattle winter and now I will be racing in the same get up as last week at the Seattle half marathon. Good thing shopping is indoors (and there is a lululemon here too)! And really it is summer compared to the 20 degree temps in Seattle today. Yikes. Shop on!


Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Have fun!!! I have a couple friends running the full :) But BRRRR that is CHILLY. OH and I LOVE Lululemon too!!! Buy some cute, comfy stuff for me too! HEHEHE

D said...

The temps are EXACTLY why I'm thinking about Vegas for next year! Of course, a trip to Cozumel might get in the way.

Charisa said...

I went to high school in Michigan and during hunting season I could only run around a tiny block by our school because I ran when it was dark & they didn't want me to get shot :)