Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Recovery spin...HA!

Is there a such thing as a recovery spin after 2 full months off of any bike, saddle, or two wheels that move?

It took an hour to get my act together to pull this 1 hour ride off. needed to be pumped, PSI joke:

It's a bit better than my other half's PSI of "Zip".

For some reason I couldn't get the trainer to work, yes, that is possible, the knob wouldn't turn right. So the mechanic in me had to go to work.

Then I hunted for the bike shoes. Searching, searching, searching. Then later found out they had been sitting right next to my bike. You see,Mark had one job for the day (in my mind), to make sure I got myself on the bike,so he went above and beyond and put the pedals on, pulled my shoes out and got it all ready for me. But my vision did not bother to take me to wear he put the shoes.
Next up, waterbottles! Except "no water". The condo faucets had been turned off to figure out some water leaks in the garage. "Great!" No way to jump back into training than to train without water (not EVER recommended BTW).

Then I hop on the bike...speedometer not on...still on race wheels. Oh well, I figured I really didn't need it that I know what cadence of 90 is. (later to remember that cadence is always on my bike, two different magnets, duh!).

I felt a little tired, but I kept riding, thinking it would get better. I checked my time at 2:57, yep, not even 3 min into the ride and I am wondering "how much longer". Next check at 24, then 45, then 51, then 53, 57, 59....nearly done!

What was worse was the chamois butter was no where to be found (still in the huge box we shipped from Kona). I have as many bottles of that stuff as I do lip gloss. As soon as you need it you can't find it anywhere. Getting back on the bike after 2 months has nothing to do with getting back in shape, it has everything to do with saddle tolerance.

I am officially back in the saddle, as is, the cat on the aerobars (she's missed this stuff!)


D said...

I feel like you just described almost every one of my rides lol. Good riddance, bike :)

IAN said...

"PSI 20 no joke" Classic.

Welcome back.

Charisa said...

Love the cat!

Jill Costantino said...

That is too funny that your cat uses your bike for a sleeping place. At least the bike is comfortable for someone. LOL!! Congrats on being back.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE you kitty! Hee hee hee.

Pretty much - my first outside ride since Kona (Thanksgiving Day actually) was about the same.. I swear it took longer to get everything together than I was actually on my bike. And I don't know how in the world you rode without Chamois cream! YIKES! You are one tough cookie!

Welcome back TN :)