Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ten Grand was a gift to myself this Christmas. I could only wish it was in $$, but nope, 10 buckaroos in the pool. Laura had a grand plan to organize the FAMOUS swim set of 100X100. Believe it or not 25 crazies RSVP'd to the event. We swam at an outdoor 25 yard pool and it rained the entire time, only noticed at the start and finish though.

(Type A'ers)

We all went into it a little apprehensive. My goal was to make 75 of them. I had the horrible sickies and only started swimming again the week of the event. So on Tuesday I did 2,000, Wednesday 3,000 and then Friday 5,000 in prep for the event. The workout was broken into sets of 100's and we took a 5 min break around 55 and 80. Let me repeat that we took a much needed, could not live without, survival 5 min break around 55 and 80.

The average send of for our group was 1:30-1:35. By number 70 I was a bit loopy. A little giggly and feeling a little out of sorts. Good thing we had coffee on hand. Shots of coffee after each 100 never hurt anyone right? Then at #80-ish, or so it was a mad dash to whatever food we had in store!

(So out of it!!! Notice the coffee on deck!)

Upon completing 100 a few swimmers/triathletes (not including myself) decided that wanted to make it a full 10K. Excuse me? What? an extra 936 or so yards.....hmm...I did a little math, that is nearly 20 more minutes. No thank you....I was out...and chowing and still giggling at the craziness of it all.

(Yeah! We did it all!)

Sad thing is, I will be back again! Thanks everyone who swam, watched, provided food and drinks, and for organizing. Exactly what I needed to get into the holiday spirit...sorta :)


endurancegirl said...

I've been a bad blogger I should just link to yours :)

Love it--somehow sharing in pain turns torture into fun. It was definitely less painful completing it with a group of friends!

I love how you ramped up to 10,000 in one week...sheesh woman!

Mama Simmons said...

Cool! I remember doing a set like that... New Year's day workout in '97 and '98 where we did 97 and 98x100's... I think we took turns pulling the lane in sets of 10 and I just blocked the whole thing out and was done before we knew it!
Merry Christmas!

Jill Costantino said...

WOW - that is CRAZY! Wish I was there to join in!
Merry Christmas!

Charisa said...

That is awesome! I wish we lived closer so I could have joined!! No wonder you are such a good swimmer :) Merry Christmas!