Thursday, February 04, 2010


Do you ever get that super magical smile while training. Not the smile and laughter of that when running with friends. This is the solo training smile that glows around you, the one where you just find yourself truly enjoying every single moment. The happy to be alive, the happy to run, the everything feels great and I am going to smile and hope the world can see it!

The last two runs have been fantastic and I am finding myself with the grin of joy (okay, maybe not during the tempo portions). It started on the treadmill late last night (not my favorite place in the world by any means). I had not run with an ipod in ages and was having the time of my life the entire 45-ish min run. I thought maybe people were looking at me, maybe even laughing a bit, but nothing matter because it was 100% delightful to be doing what I love.

Today, the sun was spring time. There was enough beauty to make anyone smile alone, but the beam I had included a magical feeling too, undescribable. The tempo run was only a glimpse of what I can remember about the fabulous run.

Of course this was not the first or second time I have felt the love of sport and was not afraid to express it, but for some reason today it hit me a little more than it ever has before.

Make your training smile contagious and enjoy every moment!


D said...

I had some VERY smiley tempo runs & intervals on the treadmill in the last few weeks (until reality kicked my ass when I looked at my speed hehe). It really is just the best!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

YES I get that too :) LOVE IT!!! Glad things are going well for you Teresa!

Jill Costantino said...

Oh that is awesome! LOVE those days:)))) Try to always find a reason to smile!

endurancegirl said...

ahhh, totally the feeling I had a few weeks ago on my "15 min" run! It sure makes you really appreciate it all the more when you can't do it! But I have to agree, there just isn't a better mood lifter than free and all-natural endorphins post workout!!

Johnna said...

Love the post! You have some pretty fun things coming up for you missy! Bet your feet were floating off the ground.

So on hour 3 of the long trainer ride, lets try to remember this feeling!

Shawn and Tracy said...

I had one of those grins on my face today while riding on the training while it rained outside. Nice to hear things are rolling for you!

Alison @ finnyfinds said...

Hi Teresa! I'm enjoying your blog! Your comment about smiling while running made me laugh because I do that quite a bit ... especially on long runs when I'm listening to my iPod and a great song comes on that makes me want to dance. I'm sure I look like a total idiot, but I'm also sure that I'm the happiest one on the road!

Keep up the great work!