Sunday, May 16, 2010


(yep that is tumbleweed in the middle of the road)

I promised a post titled redemption a couple weeks back. And the weekend came and went at a blink of an eye. Our story is still yet to be told.

(my fave training girls on a mission)

If you remember we took off to Wenatchee for a girls bachelorette weekend of training and training and training with a few chocoloate stops in between.

We had a "rough" day so to say and, well, as many of us left the weekend feeling super "accomplished" there was still a small piece missing for some.

For was "the climb".

Advance a few weeks later and us three musketeers loaded up the car again for some major redemption.

Day one:
Interval after interval on the bike and then the run and then a major BONK on my behalf. But it was alright, we just rolled in the grass, sat in the freezing water and laughed the "super challenging" workout off.
(Just a tad "out of it" but soaking up some rays cures everything)

Day two:

THE HILL. Yep, some long mileage with a 6 mile climb somewhere in the middle, (although the sign says 5 it is really six from the sign) and 45 min later we were to the top (okay maybe some made it in less than that but I figure the longer you are on the hill the more training you get in right?!).

We rode our redemption ride and with 15 miles left (10 of which are downhill) we had the most AMAZING...homemade...warmed...frosting lathered...double fork fisted cinammon rolls EVER!

We were hit with a rain storm flying downhill in those last 5 miles but that cinammon roll stop made it all worth it!

(Disappointed that I had to set ONE of my forks down to take this picture!)

To MANY more weekend training trips with the girls and a sub 40 min climb!


Beth said...

That cinnamon roll looks tooooo good to be true!! :) Great training weekend!! Glad you got your redemption! :)

IAN said...

That thing looks un-Godly GOOD!!!

Charisa said...

So awesome! Love that you have such great girls to train with :)

Christi said...

Yummy! That cinnamon roll looks very very good!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Looks like you are having a great time with great friends! And I agree with everyone, the only thing I could think about after reading your post was that cinnamon roll!

SSB said...

Last week at the high school track we smelled cinnamon rolls the entire time. Turns out they were serving them for breakfast at school. i was soooo tempted to act like a kid and try to snag one.

Runner Leana said...

12% grade for 6 miles? That is one heck of a hill! Glad you got your redemption! And that cinnamon roll would have truly made it all worthwhile.