Monday, May 03, 2010

Super STARS.

It's Monday, post a blog day, and the day has flown by, just as the 50 mph winds are. The past week, or better yet, the past two days of training have forced me to consume so much food I think I may have been born with a cows stomach...just when 5 of my stomachs are full, the other two are growling for more.
And really who has time to eat when this internet thing is giving us live updates from around the world of these amazing triathletes doing amazing things. I am more excited, concerned, and begging to hear how everyone is doing as I am out on these long training trips. Yes they are trips, I like to consider them ALL day excursions. If only the garmin could display ironman live on a split screen then this could be much better, really I would be happy to not see my HR during these race pace efforts. All the races lead to so much emotion. I find myself crying in excitement, riding like with a smile and an added kick in my step to each mini-break (and that bakery stop in Monroe-wait not Monroe, it was Snohomish as Johnna reminded me.....I don't think I know where Monroe is?? So the Snohomish bakery rocks....going for the cinnamon roll next time....and really doesn't bother me at all when some gets a flat tire) to get 50 text updates from Mark (who happens to have to work on Saturdays) filling us in on how everyone is doing. I wonder, I worry, and I WILL all my little powers (I don't really know what they are) to each of you.
So if you wonder why I have not photos it is because we are too busy checking on updates during our regular photo shoots.
The TNM crew (and fellow blog-lite buddies) is on FIRE right now doing extraordinary things and letting dreams come true. The excitement is contagious amongst the team (PR's, Boston qualifiers-2, Pro qualifiers-3, first time marathoners). To everyone, keep up the training and keep doing what you is EXCITING.


Johnna said...

It's totally true! I saw you literally glowing with excitement from people's race results.

And we travelled so far, not Monroe, but Snohomish Bakery for the cinnamon roll or better yet the Morning Glory muffin =)

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

YIPPEE! Sounds like everything is truly wonderful :).

Christi said...

You are so right! I get so excited when following people in their races. It is almost like I am there with them!

Jill Costantino said...

Woohoo - sounds like TNM had a great weekend out there - Congrats to all your athletes!
Also glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets emotional watching people acheive their goals online. I was totally sobbing watching IMSG this weekend. No internet on Sunday so no St. Croix watching, Wildflower was fun to watch too!
P.S. Thanks for the kind words - I'm thinking I gotta EARN that splish though. So maybe I'll just design a different one! hahahaha!

Melissa said...

Wow, sounds like the group is really doing well, that's quite a list of accomplishments for just one weekend! I love that we can follow races online (well, some of them), it really makes for an unproductive weekend day ;-)

Cinnamon roll? Yes please!

Beth said...

So happy that your group is doing so well! It's contagious! :) And love the race updates - hard to tear yourself away from the phone/computer on the weekends now! :)

Samantha said...

Hey T, called garmin. They do repairs for $99. The guy said it'll take 10-12 business days once they get it...I was silent and he asked if I was going to feel naked without it. haha...then he said they can also charge double the repair fee to send out a refurbished one RIGHT away and then credit back half of that once they get the one you send in. still kinda sucks but its better than replacing the whole thing. just thought i'd update you on that since you dropped yours on sunday :(

SSB said...

Blogging makes following races sooo much more fun!

Anonymous said...

16 days until we become TW Multisport....HA HA just kidding. Does have a ring to it :)