Monday, June 14, 2010

Honu 70.3

Wow! I owe all of you a multiple list of posts, so check back regularly this week for some updates and then beyond that I should be back to the regular once a week postings.

We, luckily, were able to leave for Kona early (4 days early). We trained, acclimatized, and enjoyed some amazing times with friends. I was pretty laid back for this event ,although it was my first pro race, for a few reasons, one I had missed a few too many workouts, but I would never take it back with a once in a lifetime wedding and the little opportunity I had to spend with my friends and family. I truly, try not to stress over missed workouts, but knew I had missed more than a few handfuls (as much as I hate to admit that!). I had registered late as a pro so I was “under the radar” with very little expectations. I had a number somewhere in the 2000 (I never remember…although Mark can tell you every number he has ever had!) and with a mass start the only thing that made me stand out was the white cap!

Leading up to the race we swam with Bree in the ocean with her team. I met Jason and Kiet and found out later that would be a blessing (not only because they are amazingly cool people, but because the laughs we shared in transition are memorable!).

We rode the course a few times too, which at one point left me in tears with my feet clipped out and standing still on the road to Hawi. My new husband had no option but to come back and put his arm around me and try to make me feel better (that’s his job now right?!). I continued to remind myself that my race “game face” would get me through these times, as my training “game face” is much different (just ask my training buddies!).

Race day arrived after a week of meals and beach time with teammates.
I was relaxed, minus the 25 min bathroom wait (colitis suxs!). I had 4 min to spare to get to the water. I hurried in behind the pros and quickly the cannon went off without warning….I am starting to get how these Kona starts work! I was with the first pack until the first buoy and the naususness of not warming up set in. I swam solo to the next turn buoy. I noticed a group/line of athletes swimming to my left, way off course so decided to stay solo to the next turn buoy when we would all meet up. And that we did! I had some feet to swim on the rest of the way home. We plopped out of the water, and by we, I mean Kiet and Jason! Ha!

The biking was a “mess”. Mounting was a disaster (pray no one I knew saw me and thank goodness for the “high” number stamped all on my arms). As I missed getting my foot in and pedaled around in circles, multiple circles, with my shoes dragging on the ground, Kiet was passing me yelling “pedal Teresa, pedal!” I was trying but the shoe….blah…then I hear a “ca-plunk, ca-plunk”, REALLY? The cadence sensor was a-rubbing. No way was I going to put up with that for 56 miles….Stopped fixed and was off. Then magically, or un-magically the chain would not go into the hardest gear in the back. Sort of a problem on the way to Hawi…. BIG problem on the way back from Hawi. And before you know it the chain just dropped straight into the frame (I have dealt with this multiple times…ie: St Croix, Kona,etc). I kept the frustration to a minimum, as I know my bike was tuned and ready with all the work Bike Works had done on it pre-race….blaming it on the overnight winds….grrr!

T2 was quick with a fast potty break and I was off. Everything felt great (minus the first 3 miles). Unable to stomach anything the coke and water saved me! I loved the run course. I had in my mind visions of a super hard St Croix run and it was more like a fun, curvy, trail run with friends. I had a half ironman run PR and think I was blessed with it due to the gearing issues on the bike. I was unable to push the bike like in the past and spent that extra energy on the run (at least that is what I will believe).
Mark pulled out of the race (thank goodness) 3 miles into the run due to a calf issue sustained earlier in the week. Doing the math we truly believe we would have crossed the finish line at the same time (he just had to run 4 min faster than me, which is common in the halfs). How cute would that have been on the honeymoon! Better yet though, he was there at the finish line cheering me through my first pro race.
Post race I excitingly was able to me T-odd and Maggs (who nailed a Kona slot!). Great people!!

The rest of honeymoon week was spent training, laughing with friends, sun bathing and eating like champs. REAL CHAMPS!


Kiet said...

Teresa! Had no idea the clipping in the shoe thing would be the first in a series of mishaps. All those mishaps take a mental toll, mental energy that you need to race so good on ya for just problem solving and moving on! And if you look at the swim finish photo from my blog, you'll see me just getting out of the water, in front of me is Jason, and in front of him peeking behind the guy with the shaved head is you. You schooled us both. Mark would be fun at parties, telling people their shoe size and recounting his race numbers from every race he had done.

SSB said...

Congrats on your first pro race. I love the banner :-) the winds the week up were brutal. Not that they weren't bad race day, but I think they were just a little stronger earlier in the week. I've been there to, standing on Queen K certain I'm gonna blow over. And this year the day before I my bike did get lifted a little after a semi drove by. Scary.

Kim said...

T, congrats on your first pro race! Way to keep your wits on the bike and throw down an amazing run. Congrats! Now go enjoy newlywed life!

Christi said...

Congratulations on your first pro race! That is fabulous!

Beth said...

Oh man - bike issues are the worst!! But you sure as heck still had an awesome race!! And just think, next time will be that much faster! :) Congrats on the run PR (in what I'm sure were really hot and humid conditions)!!

Charisa said...

I think your first pro race was awesome!!

Jill Costantino said...

Woohoo Lady - way to go on your first PRO Race! Nice PR on the run too!

Lindsay said...


Marit C-L said...

GREAT job out there - I loved your RR and the fact that you celebrated the start of your marriage with a half ironman in hawaii. Awesome :) Fantastic debut and WAY TO GO on that run! Woop woop! Great things are coming your way - yea!!!