Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indoor training bliss!

This weekend posted the fastest "long-indoor training ride to date". We always joke that when you are going on time there really is now way to "speed up" to get done quicker. Thanks to all you super fun racers we were done in no time. With two computers, 4 screens open on each for live feed, updates on the races and athlete tracking. And on top of that Universal sports had swimming on. Call it heaven or somewhere close at least! 5 (and someone else had 6) super fast hours fly by.

I think Mark tried not to picture his computer set up on purpose, he had it stacked SO high for viewing convenience. Mark was also racing Andy Potts in for the win trying to finish his 6 hours before Potts crossed the finish line. For the record, Mark won by 34 seconds....now can someone just count how long Potts enjoyed his well-deserved finish chute victory before stopping the clock!
And please don't knock by beloved candy jars, they have saved me (more than once!)
Congrats to Potts and LC for their amazing ironman wins and to all the athletes racing who inspired, dug deep and chalked another race on their sleeve. You are all an inspiration and that inspiration pulled me through this ride with a smile on my face!


Beth said...

Well if you are going to ride that long inside - at least you had some great entertainment!! And a riding partner!! :) Love the setup!

Kim said...

ugh, 5 hour trainer ride? you are a trooper for doing that!

Christi said...

Wow, 5 hours on a trainer is very hard. Congrats to you guys for finishing that!

Jill Costantino said...

Wow 5 hr trainer ride. Nice that it went by so quickly for you and that you enjoyed it so much! Set up is pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

Teresa: Corbin just too the lead
Mark: no answer, listening to IPOD
Teresa: Andy is about to finish
Mark: no answer, listening to IPOD
Teresa: Corbing is surging
Mark: "TERESA", I know. I have the same updateds right in front of me on my OWN comoputer. Back to IPOD

Charisa said...

Long indoor rides are hard - you are tough :)