Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ironman Canada 2010

(the sun came out momentarily for Coach Bridget and I :))

We just had a super stellar week at Ironman Canada. We had 19 athletes racing and all showed up with super spectacular performances. 13 first time Ironman finishers, multiple PR's (by multiple minutes or hours...or so), and a well deserved Kona slot by a super training buddy. These athletes gave it their all throughout the entire year plus and it showed! The next post will be all about the super fun photos of the day!

Each ironman journey tells a different story from year to year. For Mark I tell his story!


Mark completed his 3rd Ironman (Canada '06, '09, '10) and had a very memorable race. Yes, he had some BIG yet reasonable goals, which he CAN accomplish. On this day he came up only 5 min shy of his PR. A day where his thoughts on the bike ride were "that was the scariest/toughest ride EVER". The hail and downpour coming down from yellow lake was more a game of keeping the rubber-side down than anything. Mark pushed through all three events just missing his PR but when he came in for his final stretch to the finish I saw a man with emotion. A man that had given his all on this day at this time, I saw a man that had supported ME during a time that really ALL the focus should have been on him. The two months leading up to the Ironman were nothing short of emotionally draining on him. And he did not complain once. He kept late hours, got up early, did my duties, and thought more about my food and health care than I did. He kept his chin up and dug deep to keep the spirits alive. He had little reserve for race day. He will not say that nor totally believe it, but I do, and I could see it all in his eyes. This is not an excuse...this is reality, a big one for us.

(check out the paparazzi!)

I felt a sense of sadness for knowing that he did the race with "all heart". Yes he had trained, harder and smarter than ever, but he was thrown some major curve-balls and life-changing decisions that are enough to make anyone's "excitement" to race diminish into just "getting through" the race. The final months were tough, and he persevered. He found strength by recognizing that so many athletes would want to be in "his shoes" on that day, that he was blessed to have the opportunity to race. And most importantly he learned so much and can carry it all over to his next Ironman journey in CDA this coming year.

(he looks the same in every run photo!)

("the pic that says it all")

We learned a lot at Ironman Canada from the racing and the spectating. Our team support was so amazing and inspiring and brought everyone even closer. Watching the athletes persevere and making dreams come true was an absolutely beautiful thing. We can't thank you enough.

(His well-deserved moment!)

Huge thanks to our support system! To TYR for the super fast and comfy wetsuit, to Argon 18 for the super fast and safe ride, Mr Crampys for making it all run smoothly, Powerbar for the fuel that kept him moving like a champ. And to the family and friends for giving him the encouragment and the strength to dig a little deeper. Beacause of you he was able to live it up on his day!!! Thanks team!

Mark, I am so proud and thankful to have you as my buddy through everything, and your selflessness has not gone unnoticed. And you are one strong man to get through all you did on race and and THIS ironman journey. Your time to truly shine is coming real soon!


Jill Costantino said...

This post has me in tears - wow what an amazing couple you are, true partners - believing and supporting each other in your dreams and realities. What you go through together as a couple only makes you stronger as a couple. I think you are both so fortunate to have each other - kind of like a match made in heaven!
Congrats to Mark and Team TN Multisports! Way to GO!
P.S. You'll have to tell me sometime about your "hairdryer" experience! lol

Kiet said...

Great teamwork, I'm sure the support is mutual. Looking forward to some teamwork during IM CDA next year. Time to put the feet up and rest a bit.

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I love how you told his story. Congrats to Mark and you as well Teresa :)

Kim said...

aw, love this post. congrats to mark on an amazing performance. you guys are so perfect together.

Christi said...

Congratulations to Mark!

Beth said...

What teamwork!! I think that is what marraige is all about and you guys are such great examples! Congrats to Mark AND to you and all the success your athletes had. YOUR time to shine is coming soon too Teresa!! :)

Kim said...

What a great post!! So awesome to see things like that work out when life throws tough stuff at you. It only makes you realize the stuff that is truly important more & feel so happy to just be racing! Congrats to you BOTH as it takes a village to raise an Ironman for sure!! SO, where did you get your cute as antyhing TN tops made! I need to know!! i LOVE Those!! email me -!! Thanks Teresa!!

Rebecca Kelley said...

Mark is one of the best guys I know. We're so proud of him and can't say enough about how selfless and caring he's been, and how faithfully he's supported you. He's the ultimate Ironman, Superman, and great human being.

GoBigGreen said...

Congrats to both of you! I have heard CA is tough and to finish strong with desire for CDA shows his heart and dedication. Glad you are doing well:)
keep smiling!

Elizabeth said...

You guys are the perfect partners and so inspirational! Congrats to Mark for an amazing achievement, and to you both on everything you have accomplished (business, athletics and personally!) this year! 2011 can only bring more great things!

Jawn said...

Thanks for sharing. It only solidifies what I already knew, that not only are you guys strong on the race course, but stronger in life! Great job Mark!!

Hallie said...

after what you both have been through over the past few months what mark accomplished on race day is nothing short of amazing! congrats to all of your athletes and special hugs to mark! you're both awesome and together create super awesomeness!! (how's that for creativity?) both of you rest up and take care - we've got some cheering to do in kona.