Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thinking BIG.

Today mark Remicade treatment #2 and now I am resting up for the big Ironman Canada weekend where TNM will be represented with 20 amazing athletes all with different visions, different goals, and different journeys getting them to their race day. So exciting on all accounts.

(Ironman Canada 2009 swim start)

We leave tomorrow to the gorgeous Penticton. I will be on bed rest for two more days and then gradually start my second "block" of training!

With all this down time it has given me the opportunity to think, then evaluate and re-evaluate again. Reading, studying, planning! I am thinking big and dreaming big for the future as my health WILL be better. Mark and I are working together now, literally working together (not just in a relationship) and are excited for 2011. We have fun ideas for our facility, for the business, for the athletes and everything just keeps getting better for 2011 and we are excited! He has taken over the "business" side of things and I just get to help make decisions.....so he does the hard stuff and I get to say how to do it!! Ha!!! Truly though this gives us both the opportunity to focus 100% on what we are great at and what we love to do. And budget and retail are not my thing (okay, they are my thing, when it comes to personal shopping), but not the bulk orders. He keeps things organized and seamless, I mess them up, and then he fixes it again...we are a perfect match (at least I believe so!) . I just write programs, do schedules, and read and learn more and more and talk on the phone....love it!!!

For training and racing I am planning as best I can based on when the doctors think I can race (right now we are looking at a minimum of 5-8 more months before I will be at the start line), but with that said I can at least plan and dream big!!! And the "idea" of exercise is nearing...maybe 8 more weeks (but will evaluate when that time comes, medicine needs to have "time" to work and I am giving it the "time"). I am getting excited just thinking about it.

(Athlete #511 is looking forward to this moment too!)

Thinking big is always a great place to start, details come later!!! Many of you dreamed big a year ago (or more) and the details have all been drawn out, your time is here!!! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and a special shout out to those of you "going the distance" in the ironman events around the country. Whether your goal to finish, to PR, to learn more about yourself, or to qualify for Kona remember that getting to the start line and crossing the finish line are both HUGE accomplishments in itself. Enjoy your day, your moment, your journey! Looking foreward to the stories, the success and the memories! Ironmanlive.com will be on multiple screens for us!

Dream big and execute!!!


Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I think that's great that you and Mark are working together - you guys seem to really love TNM!! You WILL be back at the start line, but for now you must heal. Best of luck to Mark and all the TNM athletes at IMC, I'm sad I won't be there this year.

SSB said...

Have fun cheering and you'll be back to training soon!

Christi said...

And to echo your words back to you, Dream big and execute!

Kim said...

yes! what a wonderful relationship you and mark share! still thinking about you and wishing you back to health!

GoBigGreen said...

Enjoy the beauties of CA. I have never been to Penticton but my sister has been there to the race and says its lovely. One day at a time, you have a great attitude and it will pay off!

Kiet said...

In the short time I've known you, I know why your business is so successful. In fact, it's not a business but a family and that's why TN Multisports has so many members. Looking forward to doing a race with you and Mark or a training camp. There is talk of a CDA training camp in late May early June next year. Rest and recover and here's to you getting back! You rock Teresa!

Christie said...

you are amazing coach T.