Friday, March 18, 2011


This boomerang is on the way back!

I am one week from my next treatment and am perplexed by this turnaround. A number of things have changed in a few (not-so-short) weeks.

*vicoden-be-gone (yep, was taking 2+ a day, eventually you stop counting)
*meds cut in half (my face may be returning to normal size now)
*eating fruit and veggies (those got knixed on day one of the hospital)
*sleeping through the night (10+ bathroom trips a night became the "norm")
*sleeping on tummy or any other comfy position my heart desires
*running (or any exercise) without emergency restroom (or non-restroom breaks...oops ;))

Unbelievable how things are turning around (insert happy girl here). Living so much in the moment, I had not realized how gloomy my health had become. There was an acceptance of a "new-normal", a different way of life. Now that I am returning to the "real-normal" I forgot how it feels to be unconfined. Much more appreciation for everything now.

And why, you may ask, did I post the angry bird picture? While away on this hiatus I became addicted to the game (thanks team for the ipad) and (confession!) passed every level. Is that something to be proud of? If you haven't played, I warn you, "don't start"!

But this lil' bird does the "boomrang" and he has to turn-around at the "perfect" time in order to "win". Knew he came into my life for a reason!


Jill Costantino said...

Yeah for the BOOMERRANG! So thrilled for you! That is absolutly AWESOME:))))

SSB said...

Glad you ate feeling better! never heard of that game though.

Beth said...

Wooooo-hooooo!!! :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, tn! How relieved you must feel. :)

LaVonne said...


Shawn and Tracy said...

So good to hear that your body has been responding to treatments and that the med's are decreasing. Your such an amazing athlete and I can't wait to see you back at the starting line.

Shawn and Tracy said...

P.S. Speaking of addicting games, you've got to check out Cittyville on's my Boomerrang ;-)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

That is fabulous news! So happy to hear you're feeling better.

Kiet said...

Wow, you just make me appreciate a lot of simple things, thanks for that perspective. And yes, I'll be sitting on that trainer for another two hours tomorrow.

elizabeth said...

SOOOO glad you are feeling better TN!! :) I hope to read nothing but happy posts from you as things get better and better.

Kim said...

Great to hear you are coming back!! YIPPEE for progress and feeling a little more normal!

Libby said...

AWESOME!!! I'm SO happy to hear that!! I've been avoiding the angry bird thing but keep hearing about it :) the pic is super funny :)