Monday, March 14, 2011

Desert Tri

Yep, this was a couple weekends ago, my excuse: I felt like I ran an entire marathon. Recovery has been brutal!

A few weeks ago (or a month...who's counting...its snow, its rain, its minus 40 degrees out!) we froze and froze and needed a sunshiny place to hang our hats. Nothing better than going to visit three of our favorite girlfriends, Tracy, Heather, and Ashlea, all whom have lived in Seattle and were "smart" and made the move to Sunny California.

Mark had some miles upon miles to put in. I, on the other hand, had some tanning and friend time to be had. It's a tough act balancing sleeping in, waiting for the Havianas store to open, and getting in pool time, but somehow we managed.

Luckily there was a race in Palm Spring to add to the top of this Sunday or Sundae! A few of us are just getting back into the racing front. Thankfully TYR suited us up in their new competitor gear and sent us out to see what we were made of! 1st place!

Heather started us out with her fastest swim to date (was not a surprise seeing her improvements in the pool). If you can check out her FB video you can see!

Mega-Meg busted out a bike split that HAD to have made the men's (and womens) jaws drop as she zoomed by!

And I ran a marathon (okay, 6.1 miles) or so it felt! My goal was to break a: 48 since my training included the following:
Leading up to race week 20-30 minute runs- VERY frequently, VERY easy.
Monday leading up to the race: 4.5 miles non-stop
And two 20' runs all at 8:30's or slower.
Sunday RACE DAY!

I was incredibly happy running a 44ish and a 7:24 pace. Yes, I needed a gu and the last 2 miles were miserably painful....but I wouldn't change it for anything. Hard to believe I could run this pace in a half ironman just less than a year ago. I will be back, time will tell soon and I can't wait!

Mark did phenomenal with his first race of the season. He has been focusing on pacing and running off the bike and he nailed it!

Luckily we will be back in just a few short weeks, this time with my bike and with more miles to conquer.

Missing the ladies already, can't wait for more outings!


beth said...

WHAT?!?! how did i miss that you were out there and made an AWESOME comeback. how sweet it is! Wow, this post just made my night. I am so happy you are back in action and savoring the little (and BIG) victories!
big SMILE from cali :)

LaVonne said...

I can only dream of running at your slow pace! Great job! I bet it felt good to be back out there!

Beth said...

Yeah!!! Great to see you crossing finish lines again! :) Like you said, you will be back...SOON! :)

Kim said...

awesome comeback kid :)way to go TN!

Kim said...

That's so fun! Glad you enjoyed your quality time with friends AND got to race!! Love it! One step at a time my friend! You'll be there before you know it!

Christi said...

Congratulations to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Palm Desert in March is heaven. Great job :)

h* said...

Love love love having you for all the super fun girl time doll! I really really can't wait for you to come back (yay!), miss you tons! I am so proud of you, my tough-sweetie pie-great friend!!! great job out there, and thanks for making me faster!!!!! xo! :)

Kiet said...

Just soak it all in T, glad to see you back at it.

GoBigGreen said...

You are amazing and always with a smile. As i have struggled with winter and other "things" thus far you keep my perspective in check and remind me to keep on plugging along, if for nothing more than the joy of the sport. So happy for you:)

kathleen said...

Everything is more fun with friends! Glad to hear you had a fabulous weekend!