Tuesday, March 01, 2011

TYR Kinetic.

It has arrived!
TYR Kinetic

My girlfriend Heather has been raving about this stuff and I have been eyeing it for months! I was ecstatic to be able to order nearly the entire line (can't wait for the shorts to arrive!). As many of you know my shopping habits mimic my training habits and so I jumped on the Kinect bandwagon like jumping on a brand new bike or any bike for that matter!

What do I love about the gear?

#1 The shirts/tops are LONG...yes, cover your tummy, over the waistband of your shorts, comforted bliss.

#2 HELLO PINK (need I say more!)......and BLUE is following closely behind!!!!!

(cycle short and run capri and kitty)

#3 Thumbholes and/or longer sleeves to keep the paws warm. Warm hands,warm heart!

#4 Matchy, matchy....yep, you gotta order it all to match it all up.....they are still working on the scunchies :)!

TYR did a number on this line with their creativity, design, and providing the athlete with the necessities of looking good and feeling good! The sizing is spot on too. Tops fit perfect to size and bottoms too (but if in between sizes on bottoms I suggest sizing down).

Next week I will be modeling in Palm Springs rather than these fine plastic hangers.

I put the stamp of approval that this stuff will stay!
PS. NO, I did not only get four pieces! Not shown: short sleeved top, tank top, sport top and duplicates :)


Beth said...

I love the thumb holed shirts - warm paws are a must!! :) Great looking stuff!

SSB said...

Nice. I'll wait until the blue comes out though :-)

Kim said...

ohhhhhh love the thumb holed shirts! gimme gimme!!

Christi said...

Sweet lookin' gear!

Kiet said...

Ha ha ha, I was reading too fast and came across, "capri, kitty", and thought, what outfit is called a kitty?

lizzy said...

LOVE new clothes :) YOu will be SUPER cute (and you always are) in your new TYR outfits!! Enjoy Palm Springs, the weather should be just perfect for you - sunny and warm!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ooh that's pretty!

h* said...

i love that you got all this stuff girl!!! more goodies to come! xo to my fav friend! H*

Kirsten said...

I shouldn't have read this. Now I'm going to have to place an order! ;)