Tuesday, February 14, 2012


That big snow storm that made nation-wide news...well, that's the day we were off to Colorado. To Denver then Colorado Springs and later in the trip to Boulder.  We were amongst the lucky whom only had to sit around a few hours with flight delays.
This was a trip to gulp up as much information as possible and within an hour of landing I was working. Blood lactate testing immediately. Didn't even get to think about the altitude..OUCH!

The snow was falling so we tucked in early to arise for an early morning swim.  Coach eased us into things working on drill, after drill, after drill (so sore!), then decided to put icing on the cake with some sprints.  Its a good thing my coach growing up NEVER let us complain. Wait, we DID complain, but we never got a response...the swimmers were too tired to talk and our coach just ignored us. So really, there was no point in complaining if no one was listening.  Back to the sprints.  Coach showed me what was up on the first 50....he really meant SPRINT, I thought he meant sprint. Okay, game on then.....2, and 3, were great then he rested for 4,5,6,7,8...claiming he was watching or stroke :).  Then BAM he was SPRINTING again and I was sprinting.  Okay, I get this game....#10 was ALL OUT!

Next we were chilling our bones riding through the Gardens of the Gods.  We may have looked at the scenery as much as we pedaled but with a no-nap Saturday I was okay with this. Besides the robber face mask I wore that was filled with yucky nose gunk by the time we were finished.

No time for lunch, as we were off to run with a tire.....yep, run with a tire. I have a lot of technique to work on, which means, more running with tires.....feel free to jump on for a ride if you see me pass by. But I won't be passing anyone with that carnage around my waist.

Early to rise the next morning was an hour an a half of filming video clips of  "dos and dont's" of swimming with  Fretta. Later finding out I do a handful of the "dont's".  Underwater filming sure showed my flaws.  Being very eager to work on my swim, Coach and Mark quickly reminded me that tire running was more important!

And all the in-between time was watching films, learning, learning, more questions, and learning.  Loved every moment of it!

Then we were off to Boulder to meet up with our long-lost-world traveling friends.  Johnna and Ryan were spectacular hosts.  Between working out, chatting in the kitchen, hiking, dinners and even a little shopping, the day was perfect (minus losing Snickers ;( ).  The snow continued through the next day so it was unfortunate to not see them again with frozen pull buoys and walking barefoot outside in 30 degree snowy temps!  We look forward to next time and plan that it will be sooner than later....and I am gunning for Lane 2 :)

Thank you to Justin and Natalie for hosting us in Colorado Springs and filling us with more and more knowledge, ideas, and new friendships.  Dave the next chips, salsa and margaritas are on us (you two Nat and Trolle)!


Michelle Simmons said...

Ooooh running with a tire... I like it! :)

Kim said...

i never heard/saw anyone running with a tire! good job TN!

Christi said...

Oh Darn! I missed ya when you were in town. But it sounds like you were very busy. Congrats on riding through my beautiful neighborhood. Isn't the garden just gorgeous?!

So glad you had a great visit!

LaVonne said...


AG-Triathlete said...

Teresa (and Mark) - was so cool to meet you. And yes, we need to get together for dinner soon....more chips and salsa. Next time you're in NYC (or next time I'm in the Pac West) a dinner and a bike ride (not in that order) are a must. I agree, my brain is full after the weekend with Justin. And spending a morning with Mark Fretta in the pool had my abs hurting from laughter. Awesome weekend.

And at least your running form was good. Mine was horrible.

elizabeth said...

FUN! Sounds like you're really getting back into it TN! :) Hope you and Mark are doing well!

JC said...

Your tiring running reminded me of gymnastics when we used to have to pull each other in those flying saucer sleds with weights in them. You should rigg that up and get sit in it and get Mark to run, it's fun being the passenger (not so much the runner). So glad to see training is going so well these days.

hallie said...

"yucky nose gunk" HA!! so glad you had a great time and more importantly that you're feeling good. nice work t!!