Monday, February 20, 2012


Just can't seem to stay dry around here!  The snow ended, then we went to Colorado, and swam outside in the snow. Now it is raining, raining, and raining.

Friday I had 5x1km hill repeats and nothing is stopping me with Costa Rica in all of 4 (*big gulp*) weeks away.  You would think we didn't even have windshield wipers on the car.  I tricked myself into driving to the walk-on passenger ferry that Mark was riding home, from downtown Seattle to Alki, so he could drive home then I would HAVE to run home.  Once he got across the water he met me on "the hill", with only one hill repeat remaining.  He had no sympathy for my 3 layer soaked-thru tops, my drenching hair and cold fingertips.  He handed me the keys to the house and drove away (okay, maybe not that brutal, but at the moment it sure seemed like he was asking me to drift away with the puddle of rivers streaming down the hills that the cars were so generously spraying over me).

A few days later I was eager to go to UW masters swims, it only fits in my plan once in awhile so I run with it when it fits.  The main set had my lats screaming in the way I have only felt at Honu 70.3 nearly two years ago. 
The main set started with some fairly quick 300's, with the last one on 3:30 then we went straight into:
8x{50 back on :45, then 4x25 on :25 going H/E, E/H, E, H, then 100 on 1:10, then 100 all out FAST on 1:30}
E=easy, H=hard

I typically don't share my workouts but this one was kind of sickly challenging in a way that I know some of you will want to to try it :)

This swim was a good kind of "soak".

Of course the weather has not let up!

 Just praying for a couple outdoor bike rides on the new Shiv (which is amazing BTW, but not nearly as amazing as the banana cream pie that came along with the selling of the previous ride) before it gets to travel to an exotic land!


Beth said...

Now that is a swim set!! Thanks for sharing (although I'd obviously need to adjust those lot... :)

Great to hear training is going so well!!!

GoBigGreen said...

Hmm, sometimes snow is better than rain at least we can ride in it and its not so wet underfoot! Hope it dries up fast!

Christie said...

4 weeks!! That so soon... Excited for you =)

Holy swim set woman, you are freaking amazing.

Christi said...

You can do this! The training will get you there no doubt!

Kiet said...

Am borrowing the swim set for my kids this week. And talking about pimping the ride, glad to see you get as much schwag as the Webb.

JC said...

OMG - that swim set was CRAZY! I hear yah on ALL OF THE RAIN!
Yeah for Costa Rica - so excited for you! You are going to tear it up out there!

elizabeth said...

Your weather looks atrocious, but way to go on those hill repeats! :) YAY for Costa Rica!