Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April finalized!

I only had to post one more time in April, a total of two times to hit my resolution and I did not quite succeed.  Planning on making up for it this month with 2 additional pots.  Pressure is on now! I am a great procrastinator and a great excuse maker.  Really? I think everyone I know has a birthday in April, which means fun all day, everday, non stop plans.  I love it! 

To finish off April here are the highlights:
* I feel like I have climbed mountains....over and over again...

* My birthday!  Tiffany's box and a Disc wheel.  I think my husband knows me VERY well!

* Opening Day at Safeco Field with Mom and Chris and Webb. Along with pre-game mingle with Rebecca at Pink Door.

* Wenatchee training weekend.  Epic riding, epic climbing, epic FUN with great friends! And bread pudding to top it all off.

* Webb's birthday: Costa Rica monkey coffee mugs were in order, another 7 hour training day, and FOOD!

* Joined a new club: The leave your car running all day club.  2012 4-runner for anyone wanting it with a tank of gas, assuming you take a hold of it within the first 2 hours of it running in parking garage located one block north of the Pike Place Market. It turned off somewhere within the 8 hours I was at work. Not such a good-not-so-blonde moment....oops!

* Quarq.  It was reading me some really high numbers, good thing I have trained with HR so long.  Finally got the thing working again, but really it took a lot of time. Thanks to John for helping me out.

*Power training seminar with Joe Friel!  Loved it!

*Nails with Elizabeth continue to be a monthly ritual.

*House refinanced.

*Pinterest officially owns me.  Baked more in a month than total times in the 5 years Mark and I have been together. Considerngi this a "good" time-sucker. From cookies, to donut-muffins, easter bark and bars, to mexican lasagna, I am discovering how to utilize some cookware I didn't even know I owned!

*Next up. Duathlon this weekend, CDA training camp, Honu 70.3, Luna Chix Run Clinic, and our 2-year anniversary, and one of my best buds is pregnant. 
*Life is good!


SSB said...

OMG! I've left my car running before. Years ago. In my garage. My roommate walked in and asked if there was a reason it was still running. Oops. I also locked the keys in my car once, when it was running...at a car wash. And there are other incident too :-)

Love the disk wheel & the little blue box :-)

LaVonne said...

Sounds like a great month! Except the car running part - DOH!

Christi said...

Bummer about your car! I have had blonde moments like that myself!

Congrats on a great month!

Molly said...

What nice birthday gifts!!

JC said...

Your car running all day story makes me feel better about backing into the cylinder block! LOL! Happy Birthday Lady - looks like you were spoiled with more than just tons of LOVE! And Happy Anniversary too - Big month for you guys! Looking forward to seeing you again soon:)

elizabeth said...

You're a busy lady! Since there are only 30 days in April, May 1st kind of counts as still April. ;) And I CANNOT believe you left your car running - how funny!!