Thursday, May 10, 2012


I know the rule "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all".  But I also have goals.  And gosh, I will post 5 times this month! And I don't have much "nice" to report this week.

I am Cranky-crankerson with the flu.  Sitting on the couch for a week now, was not what was in my plan leading up to *gulp* less than 4 weeks to Honu 70.3. 

Looking at the positives:
* I had some super GREAT training weeks/weekends leading up to my puke-fest.
*My cats and I are spending real quality time together
*I am rested.
*The less training the more I geek-out on training data. Just try to stump me on athletes' TrainingPeaks files and WKO+ numbers.
*Two of my most favorite races (ST Croix and Wildflower) took place last weekend so I was fully entertained for a few hours tracking all you speedy athletes! Congrats! Not to mention all you bad-arses that did St George....WOWZA!

As an athlete it can be such a challenge to take time off, especially in the middle of the season. But reminding ourselves that fitness is not gained, nor lost overnight. Fitness comes from consistent, days, years and  a lifetime of hard work. There are no short-cuts to regain any lost time in fitness either. Trust me this past year has been my most-challenging athletic year to-date. Any athlete taking 1, 2 or even more weeks off, it is key to take your time building back up in order to ensure you can be consistent leading into more important races. For me it has been  the little steps, the little peeks of minor fitness gains over and over that I am looking back on to keep my head on straight right now. Being an athlete is so much more than just showing up to races and being faster than the previous race. The more challenging component is how you deal with the curve balls and how you build yourself back up along the journey.

Less than 4 weeks to Honu. Which was my final big race before the Ulcerative Colitis took over a chunk of my time two years ago. I want to race there more than anything. Everything happens for a reason and the body can heal in amazing hurry it up flu!!!


Beth said...

Hope you feel better soon TN!!! You are right though - the body is amazing and it will rebound when you need it!! Rest up!

Steve said...

That sucks about getting the flu. I know you love to have such a positive attitude, and sometimes things like this just suck.

Hope you get better soon, and can do well in your race. :)

elizabeth said...

Teresa, I hope you feel better soon - the flu is NO fun, especially when you're gearing up for a big race! Thank you for this post, it definitely resonates with me as I've been going through my own rebuilding that is taking much longer than anticipated. One meter, one mile, one race at a time... :)

Kiet said...

Honu two years ago, where it all happened. Glad our paths crossed then and am realizing it may not this year. And don't forget Kukio the following day. Rest up and let the strength come out.

GoBigGreen said...

Well my biggest hurdle wasnt the Beast it was getting home to eye, strep ( luckily they said negative) and like youi am in my robe. ugh.
I know it will all be fine soon but the sitting around is hard ...take care TN!

Michelle Simmons said...

Hang in there... it'll come back pretty fast once you're not sick anymore! Can't train a sick body... See you soon!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Feel BETTER TN!!!! :)

Cathleen Knutson said...

You’re right; being an athlete is SOOO much more! Always so proud and inspired by you!! I hope you are feeling better for a weekend in CdA (though selfishly I wish you were joining us for a Greenlake swim and happy hour tonight…next time). xoxo

JC said...

Rest up and get better. Live by your words and what happens happens. Cheering for you to be ready and in great health for HONU! XoXoX