Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hawaiian Days

We have arrived, our third year at Hawaii 70.3.

Been looking forward to this start line for two years now, being this was the last “real” race I was able to do. As with most case scenarios, things have not gone down without a hitch since returning to full-time training. It has been a slow process and been bogged down with the flu was not what I had in mind.  However, by mid-week last week I was coming around. And I can never pass up the opportunity to do what I love.  So as Hawaii 70.3 approaches I am anxious and nervous at the same time to be at the start line once again.

The big talk of the town (besides Lance) is the wind, the heat, the wind and the heat. The uncontrollable. So each day we embrace what the Hawaiian gods grant us and “go with it”.

Day 1: A ride out to Hawi. Felt great, heart rate was 10 beats higher but this is normal upon arriving in hotter climates. Wind? No wind…..until I flipped around to head back to Mauna Lani.  The person singing out loud and screaming mantras at herself while walking her bike three times may or may not have been me.  Yikes!

Day 2: Perfect riding weather!!!! Until milepost 16.  Then it was side rain with low visibility. But it made for the most gorgeous rainbow.

Day 3: Somehow convinced my supportive mother to ride alongside me (just to feel like lance) while I ran. This kept the motivation factor up, as the run out was a little disturbing with the ferocious headwind.  But running 3’ per mile faster on the way home made up for it!

Day 4: Ride out was windy, but nothing like day 1.  Although my first interval came to a halt mid-way due to the dreaded flat tire.  Carry on, carry on!

Although sometimes frightened by the conditions here, arriving to the race early to train and get used to the weather tends to help me each year.  Also finding the moments that make me smile the most ease some of the anxiousness of race.  Swimming everyday (and with fab swim buddies!) creates calmness to my never-stop-thinking-mind. And finding heaven under the ocean has already made this trip a gazillion times over worthwhile.


Libby said...

yea T! glad you are acclimating and getting all the challenges out of the way. beautiful pics and I'm so excited for you to be racing again this weekend! no environmental challenge can overtake the joy of being back racing again!! GO T!

Beth said...

Gooooo TN!!! Have a great race. We're cheering from Pittsburgh!! :-)

JC said...

I wish for the wind to be at your back on race day! You will be nothing short of AMAZING on race day cuz that is what you are everyday! Kick some bootay lady:))) Xo

elizabeth said...

GOOD LUCK this weekend, Teresa!! I hope this is the beginning of a great year!

Christi said...

Good luck! I hope you have a great race!

Christie said...

All of these photos are beautiful. You look so fit and strong in every one of them:)

Good Luck this weekend Coach T.

GoBigGreen said...

you will be ready I can tell! And you are enjoying it, that is what matters! Good luck this weekend!

Angi Axmann said...

Teresa, I saw you loose your goggles. I was swimming next to you and then I took a breath and saw you adjusting them :-( I always worry about that too and then I end up tightening them so much that I get a headache :-) Oh well. Great race. Hope to see you soon at the races!!! Angi