Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to my roots....

This past weekend I got to head back to my college town of Reno.  I was so excited for this trip for may reasons:
I got to see my college, its been 12 years! And Mark got to see my college. Oh the memories!
We spent the majority of our time in Tahoe.
Running trails.
Swimming at North Star.
Hanging out with friends.
Seeing my BFF Kelley!
Meeting new friends. 
And preparing for Ironman Tahoe and camp next year.
Scouting out the course....I really want to tell you all about it, but am concerned it will change...so will save for a later date, but it will be FAST if it stays as published.
If you got signed up for this you are signed up for one amazingly epic day!!!!
But most importantly we went to our friends Karissa and Todd's wedding at Martis Camp. Thank you for letting us share in your special day!
We had an amazing trip and are excited to add this venue to our travel plans a few times over next year.
I am happy to say that I logged a total of 3 hours of training last week. Progress!

One of the great lap pools at North Star. 6 miles to race start.
Kings Beach. Iroman Tahoe race start!
Trails at North Star.
The Marker Wedding at Martis Camp.



Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

Ohhhh! I want to hear more about the Tahoe course! My BF and I are doing it next year!!! Can't wait!!! Did you swim in the lake -- cold??

Michelle Simmons said...

Will your camp open to athletes who are not yours? I have an athlete (from here) who is igned up for Tahoe and he may be interested in attending?? Keep me posted! :)

thepumpkinsdiary said...

Let's hope the weather is as nice next year as it was for you guys this year!! And I'll just stay in the loop regarding the course via you. :) Glad you're making some progress, feeling a bit better and enjoying your days!

JC said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Great shot of you and the hubs. And SUPER YEAH to 3hrs - progress is awesome:) Enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to hearing about the Tahoe course.

Kiet said...

Hmmm...let me know the dates, can I come and push your athletes?