Tuesday, October 09, 2012

110% lecture.

I got a lecture from Dr B (about 2 weeks ago now, as this post has been sitting in the post section for bit).
Not a normal lecture..
It was 6 words and a "you bes' listen up look".
 I  could have just handled the "look" but it came with the specific words of  "No swim, no bike, no run". 
I searched for the "gray" in the black and white and it just wasn't there.
My eyes filled. 
I asked if I was done racing. 
I didn't get an answer.
My eyes became blurry.

You see, I give 110%.  In sport, in life, in work, in relationships.  I may not be perfect, but I sure try to be the best I can be in each moment.  If you add that up that's 440% and that is not balance.  I was told I have 110% to give and that was it.  Nearly ALL of which needed to go to healing.

My UC flare comes as no little surprise. We caught it early...this is just part of the process, in reality I had been pretty healthy for a year and a few months. And I did have some doubts at Danskin if it would be my last race.....for a short time, a long time, or ever....time will tell!

 I'm bummed...it could be better, it could be worse.  I will get through, as it is literally a one day at a time thing.
Take that UC!
There really is a whole other world outside of triathlon, but I miss that bubble. It is "known" to me and the "unknown" can be scary, but rewarding as well. I can already see such great improvements in other areas.
The good things: My pinterest is account is getting organized, along with my closets, details on our business are coming together, additional stressors eliminated and each moment of each day has a bit more calmness and collectiveness to it.  Healing feels good, well, actually it hurts and sucks, but it is getting better, so bad is better than the worst.

Take the time out and ask yourself where your 110% falls, choose it wisely, choose moderation, and be happy.  Life is short and so can your time be in sport.  Cherish your moments, surround yourself by good people and hang onto those special moments.  There are lots of mountains to climb, not just physically, but mentally too! Good luck to everyone with fun races left in their 2012 season.  We are SO ready to track your success and jump through the live feed with cheers!!


Steve said...

Sorry you had to hear those words. I know that is tough, because I have only known you for a while, but I know a large part of how you viewed yourself was through the Sport of Triathlon.

Now you have a big change. What does that mean for me?? It means I may be even more excited about reading your blog.

You got bad news, and your life will change for a bit at least I guess, but I am sure you will handle it with grace and strength.

This update is a good reminder, that you are a person, and those of us who read you do so, because of the person you are.

Best of luck and take care. :)

Beth said...

Praying for you tons Teresa! I know there is a plan for you - and it's a good one (although it might be hard to see that now). You are such a wonderful, tough, STRONG woman and a great example to all! This is a great post to keep us all in line! One day at a time...

JC said...

You are a beautiful persn Teresa. It is unfair that this happens to anyone, yet someone who adores sport so much. I am so happy that you have a husband who fully supports you and friends and family that care so deeply for you. Rest up and heal up - thinking of you tons and sending you lots of HUGS!

Kiet said...

Perfect example of how we have no control over some of the cards life deals us, but we do have control over our attitude towards it. Just know I can very much relate, especially with a piece of news I was given about a month ago. Stay awesome TN.

thepumpkinsdiary said...

For one of my classes I had to create 10 computer desktop backgrounds and I chose my theme to be Inspirational Quotes. Your last quote, "Always believe something wonderful is about to happen." was one of them. :) I'm always cheering for you whether you are training or not. xoxo

Libby said...

you are amazingly strong and positive girl. I hope your recovery goes quickly and you are so right about the comfort of the bubble but as I peak my nose out into the scary part as well, I realize there's some pretty awesome stuff outside the structure of triathlon as well. stay strong and keep inspiring. hugs xoxoxo

Christie said...

I had my uncle I told you that is in a similar situation read this... He wanted me to thank you for the wake up call to change his attitude!

You're amazing.