Tuesday, January 13, 2009

California livin'

Time flew by since New Years! From our potential floods of Seattle, which hit everywhere but the main city, to the new company www.tnmulitsports.com (everything that is not done on the site is due to my laziness..or business..or my procrastination!). Please don't judge, but it is on my list of things "to do".

I was looking forward to a week in California with my great friend Ashlea (photos to follow because I forgot the stuff to download them!) who just moved here a couple of months ago from Seattle.

The week leading up to leave was crazy! From squeezing in the workouts, finishing up final things that needed to be done, etc. I got to the airport waiting to board and realized (after my luggage weighed in at a whooping 49.8 pounds) that I forgot EVERYTHING.

#1 The ipod (full necessity)
#2 the bikini...Hello 80 degrees! What was I thinking!
#3 the sunscreeen

I tried to convince Mark that I needed to go shopping and buy all of the above, but he wasn't having it....hmm...maybe just a bikini...on sale??? Please???

What I did remember....beanies for running, gloves, and the toothbrush! (only one of which I would really be needing!)

Decided to fly into Orange County since Ashlea lives there and then drive 1:45 hours to get to teh F.I.S.T. bike certification. Around 10pm decided to put on the p.j.'s only to discover I had grabbed someone elses's bag. I typically travel with the pink heart suitcase, but it broke on the way to Kona, so I traveled with Mark's super sized black-look-like-everyone-else case. However, there was no way I could mistake it, it had a big red christmas like ribbon on it. So I grabbed it and we were off.

What??? A blue ski jacket pops out of the suitcase...soemone else put red ribbon on their luggage?

CRAP! We woke up at at 5 to leave at 530 ( I don't even get up this early for swim practice) and headed back to orange county. 4hour round trip we were back to the Slowtwitch home and I was one hour late for my class. (Did I mention there was another suitcase on the turnmill at the airport with red ribbon on it....note to self....go back to the PINK suitcase!!)

Highlight was running at 5,000 feet which I hadn't done in awhile, I left out all prescribed intervals because just breathing was a challenge and then in the heat too was enough to make me crack. Oh and little to no sleep due to hunting down luggage, was a factor too, but NO excuses, I had to get it in!

I have learned a ton and really enjoyed the crew here and can't wait to practice this new found knowledge. But most importatntly spending quality time with Ashlea has been treat....catching up, laughing, sharing a room, wearing socks up to our knees and having meals cooked for us has been a girls way to travel. Did I mention there are eight, YES, I said eight dogs here. Nelson is my favorite, slept next to me all night!

Tomorrow we are headed back to Orange county. Of course, during a time that does not allow for rush hour traffice, getting movies, food and spending more "girl" time together.

To workouts, girlfriends and more sun!


Anonymous said...

I should have known to not ship you off with stray luggage....however, you should have noticed that the other suitcase probably was half as heavy as yours. Teresa packed 9 pair of shoes, 19 shirts and at least 54 sets of pj,s. Have fun finding a new bikini, but we don't need anymore ipods. Hi Crashley...

beth said...

See if you can get to the Grove - I loved that shopping area! Are you going to be able to head up to LA/Santa Monica? Oh - my favorite. I am so envious. Miss you as well!