Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold: Sickness and Weather combined.

This week the goal was to get back on track with the workouts...although being consistent, things were a bit sporadic with traveling. Of course, by Thursday everything had caught up with me- the travel, the catching up, the lack of sleep, and my nose was running faster and more frequently than ME. REST, REST and more REST (the boys at INEWMED would be proud) and come today (Sunday) I was back at it.

Bright and early cleaning the house, then logging the miles on the bike. I always wondered how I would pay for computrainer rides at $5-$15 a time before I realized that when riding at home I rent 2-3 "ON DEMAND" movies and there you have it-same price!

Playing "catch up" on the workouts made for a long day when Mark and I ventured out on the 1:45 run down on Alki. Starting out I got a chill in my two front teeth, immediately thinking, what are we doing??? Of course it didn't help that we had on shorts (check out the new lulu's-THANK YOU BETH!) and compression socks on. A must-have with the new team colors!

What a workout....snow flurries, windy against our backs on the way out and full STAGE ONE resistance running on the way home. I ran behind Mark for a little draft because the snow flakes in your eyes eventually started to hurt. I was able to get some refreshing flakes in my mouth for hydration. 12 miles complete and some left over Chinese food!!!

I won't say we battled for the warmth when we returned home, however, I got in the 30 min bubble bath before him! It was the best way to wrap up the day of workouts.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy we did not see anyone we knew yesterday...T and I were a walking compression sock billboard..."ZOOT that is"

Shawn and Tracy said...

You ran in I am getting to be so weak...Love the colors.

Monica said...

Hey T! This is your old friend Monica Shriber. Long story short, I went to the SAC website b/c I'm trying to contact someone to get me in touch with Jason Anderson. I noticed you weren't on the SAC site so I googled you to see what your up to. So fun to see your life changes...and fabulous ones at that! Congrats on the Ironman and hot boyfriend! Call/email me if you ever get a spare moment in your busy schedule-415.518.5891 or

Charisa said...

Hot bath is sometimes the only way I can get warm! Fun shorts :)