Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A week in review.

What an eventful week. I got to spend an entire week with one of my BFF's that just moved from Seattle to Orange County. She is one of those friends that you can go forever without seeing and you just feel like you never missed a moment together. A week flew by and before I knew it we were saying good byes again at the airport.
I finally am home, a bit more settled, and when I say a "bit" I mean just barely. Still living out of the luggage (my own this time) sitting by the doorstep, am trying to squeeze in workouts and trying to catch up on work.
The luggage swap.

(not my luggage)

(my luggage about 45 lbs heavier...you think I would have noticed....look out if your flying your bike anywhere that I am! :))

After the luggage episode, I was in the FIST certification with Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch. Learned a ton, Dan is very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. I am ready to practice (any takers??) Between the two homes, where we were staying and the FIST camp there were 8 dogs. See if you can see how many you can find below pictured with Dan below:

We went on some super fun trail runs...and since I didn't bring my bike I got to log a ton of hours in my Asics provided by Road Runner Sports (thank you!). I would like to say we are twins in our matching lululemon outfits and compression socks below, but for some reason I will NEVER look like Kate Hudson. Speaking of the new Bride Wars is the PERFECT chick flick!

(Off on another trail run...I would die to wear this outfit here in Seattle right now...the lulu beanie and gloves are still an absolute necessity around here!)

Then I spent the next two days in Orange county, but first stop was to pick up Ashlea's princess Chihuahua "Britney".

I dragged Ashlea to swimming at the UC Irvine pool in the Masters group. It was so much fun to swim outside, in the sun and with some super speedy people. Of course we showed up on "stroke" day so we logged 5,000 yds of stroke work (I have not done that much butterfly since college!) The second session was sprint work so not as bad! I finally got my 100 times down to 1:02 and was able to hold the 1:15 send off.

(Sun...I can't believe it!)

We spent time shopping, doing nails, making dinner and enjoying GIRL time. We couldn't help but get matching Don Hardy socks:

(Me pasty white stalky legs left, Ashlea tan skinny Cali legs right)

Then we were off to La Jolla for a USAT continuing education course. An afternoon of Mexican food, pj shopping, chocolate purchasing and hot tubbing (for some reason the love birds "dipping" with us did not like us practicing the dolphin kick in the hot tub :)) and before you knew it we were became much-like our college days and we were off for some body piercing or re-piercings that is. Giggles, more up laughs and in bed by 10 to make it for our early morning run.

6:30 am we were out the door in La Jolla to the beach front to witness some amazing body surfing, regular surfing and some beautiful views for a solid run. Some more learning and then back to the kitties and boyfriend in Seattle.

Ashlea, thanks for hosting me ALL week and for a great vacation with some AMAZING memories. Your the best!

News from the home front....Sienna didn't miss any of her bike rides....she just happened to quickly learn that Mark did not have his TT bike on the trainer. Good thing that front wheel wasn't spinning.

And here was my welcome home surprise....

The Scott Contessa rode bike!



LaVonne said...

A new road bike for you? Awesome! You need this to go with it:


or this:


Tracy said...

Ahhhh I LOVE your new road bike. Happy you had a chance to enjoy some sun. You are welcome to come see me any time once we move!