Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

For starters, NO, we did not drink the huge thing of champagne, I was just overly excited about the size of both the champagne and the wine glass. Jeepers! I couldn't get over it, I had to take as many photos as possible, seriously, have you ever seen a wine glass THAT big... I was scared it would eat Mark's head off!

I may possibly be the last person to post about the memories of the year and the intentions for next year, but I figured now or never (see procrastination below).

Memories that make this year unforgettable are the following:
#1 The endless cold weather and the hail storm we got caught in in prep for Ironman CDA. The daily emails about the water temps.
#2 Quail shootings and bear sightings while riding. -YIKES
#3 Family and friends support through ironman training and Kona, I have my hands full with Mark doing Canada this year, not sure if I can do half of what he did for me:)
#4 3-4 hour naps on Sundays....nothing like being at home with your cats and then eating (of course, at Puerto Vallerta)
#5 Everyone's health. We had a scare at the beginning of the year with Mark's brother and a brain tumor, luckily he is alright and almost a year post surgery! And Marks Grandma turns 90 tomorrow!
#6 My mom's amazing quest for a healthier lifestyle and being able to run and swim with her (and shop!).
#7 Chris (mom's boyfriend) cliff jumping in Kona....who officially swears, he will never do it again with a swollen eye and bruised feet, but it was nothing the Mai Tais could not cure that night!
#8 Dinners at the Donnellys
#9 The amazing support that people are helping me with in the new business, I had no idea how many people would be so supportive and encouraging. Thank you!
#10 The note I found on my race gear the morning of Kona from Mark. It had everything on there I needed to hear to know the day would go well! Thank you! Oh, and the cinammon roll in Kona!!!!!

Going into the New Year I feel better than I have been in the entire year. Things are great with my health, my career, and my relationships- oh yes, and training.
I intend to and hope to maintain all this throughout the year, to do this, I vow the following

#1Health: stay on meds, listen to docs, limit additional stressors, and smile!
#2Career: tnmultisports is a go....with the economy down, I start a business (resort to #1 goals- no additonal stressors!)
#3Relationships: See friends once a week outside of workouts:), make a meal for Mark once a month (about 8 more times than I did last year!), meet more friends! Support Mark in his training- If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
#4 Training: Keep getting in all workouts, outline 2009 game plan (done) and execute!

Some things that will not change:
Procrastination- When I procrastinate, things get done with care, and in half the time, I don't get distracted with facebook, e -mails, etc.
Puerto Vallerta meals- It is just a staple in our lifestyle (maybe we can limit them to 6 a month)
Losing everything- This is why I have to keep Mark around...he somehow knows where all my stuff is :)

I figure if I can do the following I can be a on a great path for another great year!

Once again, the hunormous Champagne bottle, but really it is me, saying "CHEERS to YOU" and to the happiest New Year yet. Good luck with your goals, your dreams and I am looking forward to hearing/reading all about them. To strength, health, happiness and friendships!


beth said...

What a wonderful plan for 2009! I am such the procrastinator as well! I will send you some recipes that I like to make as well - I don't cook very often because PCC & Trader Joe's usually do most of the cooking, but I like looking at and collecting recipes.

Great recap of 2008 and I look forward to 2009 & tnmultisports!!!

Lisa said...

Great post! I am really looking forward to working with you this year as I work on some of my goals!!

See you on Tuesday!

LaVonne said...

You are funny! Happy New Year!!!

Tracy said...

Love it! That is the best glass ever! I am so excited about your 2009 endeavors. I know TNMultisports is going to rock and you will kill it on the racing scene. Just keep doing what you do.

Charisa said...

Love that glass! Awesome! I remember the daily updates on the water temp for CDA - scary cold! Your goals are great, I'd love to incorporate #3 as well, must work on that! 2008 was awesome, here's to a very fun 2009!