Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AZ recap.

This was my first time to Ironman AZ and we were in need of the sunshine! We arrived on Thursday night in surprise that there was a one hour time difference. Friday and Saturday were busy leading up to the race as usual, and I wasn't even racing.
Our great friend and athlete Connie was doing her first ironman. On Saturday I got into swim, and man that wet suit is tight. Training starts tomorrow, for sure! The water was cold, Lake Washington cold. 62 degrees cold. I hadn't experienced that temp in awhile and thought I could shake the ice cream headache, but after 12 full minutes I was done! Connie on the other hand was freakish with her training and dove into the Puget Sound a few times leading up to the race. She would describe the water as "pleasant". I would fully disagree.

The days were warm, a perfect temperature, the nights were cool enough to sleep under the fluffy comforters.
Maia (Connie's daughter) and I spent much girl time together. We made signs, got manis and pedis, studied the states and attempted the capitals and chilled while drinking lemonade ($2 refills)!
(Cherry Lemonade with Maia)

Race morning we had clothes for every temperature. We woke up at 4am and were off, with the uggs, the layers, the jeans, etc, by noon, in shorts and a tank and by 5pm back in the 4am clothing.

(Mark's mouth full of sunflower seeds)

Connie was the calmest I have seen anyone getting ready to do their first ironman. We wished her luck and hurried to scout out the perfect spot for spectating. We witnessed the start from the bridge overlooking all the athletes. Hot chocolate, a blanket and donuts killed the time to the start.
The athletes were off and then we ventured over to the bike exit. The athletes run far, real far in that transition area and then right as the exit they make a sharp left hand turn before mounting their bikes. There were so many athletes that bit it (the ground) right there, all happened to be men (insert double cough). Bikes were flying, shoes were looking to the sky, it was frightening to watch. Connie got on her bike with no problems and was off.

Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3, each one was stronger than the next. She raced, we ate, applied TNM tattoos, napped, and searched ironman live until the phone died.

The run was the same: loop, loop, loop, finish! It was so exciting to be so close to the action and so close by to help Connie when needed. She came back from a bonk and finished her last loop very strong. The finish line was like many of the other finish lines, which just the thought of one can bring a smile to anyone's face. It was filled with the bright lights, the fans, the kids waiting for high fives, and most importantly Mike Reilly's voice. It was exciting.

I was so surprised to see so many athletes that raced Kona out racing Ironman AZ, hats off to them. My bike just made it out of the box a few days ago and the pedals still are not attached.

Connie had an amazing race, an amazing day, and her family, friends, TNM athletes, and myself could not be more proud of her.

Ironman AZ was inspiring, it was exactly what I needed to witness, to be a part of to get the itch in me to get back going for 2010. Not one ounce of me wished I was racing, I am not ready for that, my body needs a ton of rest. I am excited to try a new swim group, to get back on the bike and to do a half marathon this coming weekend. We are back in Seattle, rain, cold and such. And just like a fireplace being lit up our indoor training is on fire.


D said...

You might not be out in IM ready shape after Kona like some of those nutjobs, but you'll still be walking when you're 50 ;)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ha ha - I had to laugh at Deirdre :)

Okay - we're totally on the same page with the post-Kona stuff. Although I'm not runny a half mary this weekend.... in a few months (Feb!) - yes. But now, I'm happy to say the bike IS out of the box and set up (mostly). I think I have to tighten a few things until I can actually ride it.

You are SO lucky to be living in Seattle - I loved it up there. Enjoy the seasons!! When I "turn on" the fireplace, its for ambiance... when you do it, it is REAL. Enjoy!

endurancegirl said...

brrrr! I don't know how everyone endured that cold water!!

I bet the weekend went by much too quickly soaking in that wonderful sunshine! Oh how I wish I could feel the sun :)

Charisa said...

Congrats to your athletes! I haven't touched my tri-bike once since Kona :)