Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The headline tonight on the news: "Another storm is coming..."

And I am prepared!

It is cold, it is wet, real wet, it is pouring....not complaining, just not much going on except trying to stay dry. My swimming takes place during the times I run from work to the coffee shop and from the car to the track. Soaked non-stop around here. The Uggs came out after being in hiding, however, they couldn't last in the storm. So the highlight in this past week are my new boots!

I even got matching fleece socks for the inside, so they nearly feel like Uggs, my best purchase in a long time, next to the luggage.

.Bring on the puddles and as soon as it dries up I will get back into the pool!

PS. The bike woke up from the box yesterday...I see some cycling in my near future.


beth said...

Oh Teresa, not only great looking boots - but such a fantastic color! Ian just wondered why I went on zappos.com, I had to explain my coach said it was VITAL I look up hunter boots for my training.

Kim said...

i love love love those boots. i may just have to ask for them for christmas!

Eileen Swanson said...

Love those boots ;-))