Sunday, November 01, 2009


We traveled to a spooky mansion:

With spooky food:

And a spooky (unscripted) play that ended in gunfire:

With a spooky man:

(Army Ranger with the highest badge of honor, that somehow was stitched on upside down!)

And the spooky pigtails and Mr Nelson (the monkey) scared him off!

(This costume came full on hooch that I had to learn how to sew to add on four inches of fabric and add a dress underneath)

Thanks Ashmun's for a fantastic party. Met some super friends that encouraged us to travel to New Zealand, good thing there is an ironman there!


Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Love the pics! And New Zealand is a GREAT place to travel to and the IM is a blast!!!

Charisa said...

I'm loving that you had to learn to sew to make the outfit not too hoochy! :) Awesome party!