Monday, April 26, 2010

Duathlon Madness.

(Top 5 women overall! GO TNM!)

Yep, we live in this cold weather climate that makes for zero triathlons in our area this time of year. With Honu 70.3 quickly approaching the "man with the plan" felt the Mt Rainier duathlon would be good practice (I didn't so much agree), but soon found myself registering online. This was going to be a whole different experience RUN/BIKE/RUN.

The first run, 5.1 miles, made me nauseous, probably didn't warm up enough, probably took it out a little fast, probably over dressed for the run- but at 40 degrees and a bike ride ahead you kinda had to be overdressed, and probably underestimated what it REALLY feels like to race 5 miles (I shoot the for 13.1 plus races). I was pre-warned that the swim and bike are typically my "warm-up" into the run so my colitis symptoms are more "under" control. Typically on the run if HR gets too high my gut can flare. So I backed off at the initial stages of sickies and still held my comfortable pace of 7:15 (I seem to run this pace whether it be a 5K or marathon:)).

Next up a 28 something mile bike ride. Figured this would be good practice going into my first pro race because I need to learn to play "catch up" a bit more. And catching up was exactly what I needed to do. I had some time to make up, all of a sudden the "fire" came back and I felt as strong as I did last year. I rode with lots of people around the first loop. From previous race years (I always spectated) I had been warned of "MUD Mountain" a 2 mile climb (or maybe 1.5 mile climb...but I like to round up). I have put a lot of time in on the hills so was anxious to see how these legs would respond. I had zero trouble on the hill and was begging for more...thinking "that was it?"....okay, I take that back, I was not begging for more...but definitely felt better on a climb than I ever have. Loop two got a bit lonely. I had a friend from V02 hanging out with me but sometimes wondered if I was even going the right would think it was a second loop so I should know the route, but I truly check out when racing. Semi-solo I rode for awhile and then saw a little group ahead and recognized it as my friend/athlete/training buddy Johnna. This girl can run like a gazelle, but I pushed hard on the downhill pedaling as much as possible to catch the lead, well knowing she would be flash by like lightening on the run :)

(finish chute...think I am trying to wave here too or dance to the beat of my own drum....hmmm???)

The next run came up....once again running the 7:15'ish pace, but without the nauseousness. Please just let me run off the bike ALWAYS....never off the start of a race ;). I could hear the breathes and patters of runners making up ground and by mile three Johnna took over the lead with her super speedy spring-like legs. I held on for second place, Laura for 3rd, Bridget for 4th (poor girl was sick and still raced), and Heather for 5th (whom I forgot to send the race wheel memo too). Yep, all the girls in the photos from the previous weekend bachelorette party took 1-5, love that we can work, play and race together...and get faster together!

Mark placed 5th in the sprint bettering his time from previous years by 2 min. (race results are 30 sec off on the first run). Yeah!


endurancegirl said...

so awesome to have friends that can laugh, train AND push each other even in competition.

more importantly, look at your quads, girl! how do i sign up for a pair of those?

Christi said...

Great job to everyone who raced! You all nailed the race!

Lisa said...

Awesome job team!!!!

Jill Costantino said...

Woohooo Congrats to you and Mark and all the girls!

Beth said...

Awesome!! Dus are so hard I think, even if running is your thing! You are right - it's really nice to be warmed up for the run with the swim/bike! Either way, congrats!! Many great races to come I'm sure!

Johnna said...

Great race Sunday!

I second Laura's question...I thought when I joined the team those muscles would come with it???