Saturday, March 17, 2012

Costa Rica-training days

Day 1.

(Rebecca, Jason, Mark)

The first day was just a nice easy jog.  Remember that hilly drive we had? Well our option was to run there, or run where we could be in the paths of rattlesnakes.  We took the path most chosen.  The wind definitely killed the heat and the humidity was not nearly as rough as I was planning.  But the hills were not our best decision.  I came up with ankle roll #1 of the trip.  OUCH! But still managed to run just fine, just a little tender around the muscles.

Laps in the 7 yard house pool...something is better than nothing right?! 10' of dizziness.

Day 2.

(New TN tri shorts!)

Bike ride with the TNM crew!  The talk was the "hills" going in and out of the park were similar to the beast at ST Croix.  Not the case.  The duration is far less and the steepness is brief in comparison.  However, we were sweating buckets immediately and the wind and gravel paths were our bigger challenges ahead.  100 feet of gravel and a fish-tailin' I was.  My mind checks out on race day so hoping that it does during that part.

This was the last opportunity really to ride until Friday.  It is true what we were told the roads are great for riding (except that there is no shoulder) but the drivers are a bit scary. We were nearly afraid to even drive on the roads.

Laps at the hotel pool.  Although it looks to be a long play pool, it did not have lane lines, and the distance had to be about 25 yards if not a little more because my stroke count was hanging out right at 18.  My little sweet spot! So it felt a little like open water swim practice, but not Playa Conchal open water swimming, that's a whole different level.

Day 3.
Mini-swim with the girl who lives in the ocean, Bree. We decided to give the chilly rough water ocean a try and circle around the  main boats.  First round was about 6 we did it twice.  Yep, the water was that rough. Hours later my body was still filled with sand.

Then a quick jot around 1 loop of the run course (we do 2, the half-iron does 4).  Did I say quick jot....I take that back....we stopped to see a sea turtle preparing to give birth and lay her eggs, I guess in humans that would mean she was in labor. Twisted the same ankle again....GRRRR!!!

Day 4.

The buoys are UP and so we went for the entire loop (750 yards exactly on the garmin 910).  I tend to giggle when the waves or so rough I can not even control my swim stroke, but the group was a bit more serious today, almost leaving me stranded at the first buoy just because I had to laugh at how much "flailing" it felt like I was doing.  And just watching these waves try to take us out is pretty humorous. Maliaka and Bree and I darted out for one more out and back to the last buoy and then it was picture time!  Honestly, the rough water is so much more manageable with great friends to swim side by side with.  Time flew by with these great girls! And being stung by sea lice was not my favorite.....little pinches and a lot of "ouches".

(Two fast fish and myself)
Little spin on bike to check out some bike mechanicals and NO run, based on my history so far here in CR I think that is the best.

 Today is one last sleep before my first triathlon of 2012.  Smiling already!

PS. Here are the dog photos I really wanted to post yesterday....aren't they adorable!


Steve said...

Good luck. :)

LaVonne said...

I love the dog sitting in the pool! Sounds like you're having "fun"! Good luck and enjoy!!!

JC said...

So much fun - love the strays!
Kick some BOOTAY tomoorw! Goooo FAST!